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The sticky lumps of politics

Despite being coveted objects, sometimes it says more than one person rejecting an award to accept it

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The sticky lumps of politics

In Olympic Games of antiquity, winners did not receive medals as a reward for ir feats. The recognition of athletic victories was presented with a humble prize: an apple or a laurel and olive wreath. The important thing was honor and glory. The victors became true heroes and ir deeds narrated by chroniclers of time with all epic possible.

The delivery of medals to athletes and illustrious personalities to recognize ir merits, ir exemplary behavior or ir preeminence in certain disciplines has become a social convention. Despite being widely coveted objects, it sometimes says more than one person rejecting an award than accepting it. There is case of philosopher Emilio Lledó, who refused to receive gold Medal of community of Madrid, highest award of regional government. He declined award for scandal starring leader of PP Cristina Cifuentes and his Master Phantom. And that when he made decision, judge in case had not yet quoted former president, as investigated, for falsehood in public document and deed.

Lledó did not understand how citizens voted for those destroyers of idea of public. The philosopher has always defended idea that true sustenance of society, of collective life as important as life of nature, is education, culture, ethics. "They are true generators of ideal, moral and material wealth," he wrote. In times when se virtues are scarce, especially in political class, it is useful to recover ir reflections. "What hollow words, turned into sticky lumps crush brains of those who are going to administer public, that is to say, if mental corruption has begun to deteriorate those neurons that always flow towards private gain?"

There are or medals and decorations that have revolted an important part of citizens. It is difficult to understand that a denominational state like Spain will take out of hat for virgins and Christs. The Observatory of Secularism has recapitulated 194 perpetual mayors, almost all virgins, 25 perpetual mayors, most Christs, 36 gold or city medals and 14 civil or military titles or positions to religious entities.

It seems to have become a tradition for public administrations to honor and honour Christs, Virgins and saints. The supreme has endorsed police medal to Virgin of love after rejecting a resource posed by secular Europe and movement towards a secular state. The Ministry of Interior came to allege that Virgin was not "an officer", which is why jurisdiction to judge case corresponded to national court.

A secular state must be required to be religiously neutral. It has just been remembered by Ombudsman, who recommends not hoisting flag at half-mast in barracks during Holy Week. The sign of mourning for death of Christ may disgust a part of society, but Ministry of Defense castles in tradition. Times have changed and it is necessary to let go of some sticky lumps.

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