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The story that turns the executioner into a victim

The alleged assassin of Zaragoza obtained two years ago the support of politicians and opinion leaders after leaving quadriplegic to a policeman

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The story that turns the executioner into a victim

View today documentary Ciutat Morta in which appears as one of its protagonists Rodrigo Lance produces a deep impression. Lance is arrested today, accused of having killed Victor Laínez in Zaragoza on December 8, man who wore a brace with flag of Spain. According to first data, aggressor hit Laínez in back, called him "Facha" and kicked his head when he was already on ground dying.

Ciutat Morta is a documentary, made in 2013, which offers a version of part of events that occurred on February 4, 2006 ( so-called Case 4-F) in which during a squat party in Barcelona an urban guard was quadriplegic by a blow to head. Five people were considered guilty of attack by Barcelona audience. One of m is Rodrigo Lanza, who served five years in prison and that in documentary appears, however, as a victim of a dirty police and judicial assembly. A lance was sentenced to five years ' imprisonment after examining evidence and hearing fifty testimonies. These are latest data that are not mentioned because this documentary lacks any attempt at fairness. Only prosecuted, ir lawyers, relatives speak (Lance's mor already defended her innocence n as now) and some Akin journalist. The sis: Those boys were victims scapegoats by ir aestics of bad boys and declassed and a violent police.

This second arrest of Rodrigo Lanza will have made many people uncomfortable. In 2015, thousands of citizens took to streets asking for justice for him and denouncing that y were victims of tortures in police station. Many certainly supported cause of 4-F in good faith. Among m, Today mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau, which socialists and people demand to apologize for it. It is debatable that it has to be done, especially when all Parlament parties requested reopening of case. And here's thing. How is it possible that a story so Torticero and Manickel that did not provide any additional evidence, as established by High Court of Justice of Catalonia, was able two years ago, when it was successfully issued in autonomic television, to mobilize so many people in Catalan society?

Seen with perspective of victimism that procés has used until nausea it is inevitable to find points of encounter in that motion to whole oppressive system and heroic vindication of civil disobedience. The most obvious are claims — dark music, a safe look at camera — in which it ensures that conviction was written in advance, that police were only witnesses in charge and that Spanish high judiciary has sworn Principles of Movement and is refore pro-Franco. Does that ring a bell? This documentary already provided its grain of sand.

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