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The success of transplants

The National transplant organization has closed 2017 with a new record

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The success of transplants

Neir cutbacks nor growing welfare pressure or fatigue have made a dent in National transplant Organization, which has closed 2017 with a new record. The donor rate has been located at 46.9 per million inhabitants, and for first time barrier of 5,000 transplants has been exceeded, specifically 5,259. That for 26 years Spain has positioned itself as a world leader in donations and transplants indicates strength of organization. And to continue improving shows desire to overcome a group of professionals highly motivated and sufficiently encouraged to keep level of demand high. This is also result of health system giving signs of exhaustion due to decapitalization that it has suffered in recent years and increasing assistance pressure, which adds merit to se results.

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The balance of ONT also provides an opportunity to evaluate desirability of extending some of its virtues to whole system. These include capacity for coordination and collaboration between services of different hospitals and between hospitals in different autonomous communities, something that unfortunately is missed in or areas of health care.

Also ability to adapt. We have gone from a young donor profile who died in a traffic accident to an older donor who was killed by stroke. Donations in cardiac arrest or asystole reach are already fourth part. But re is no doubt that success is based on basic criteria and values: solidarity, equity and anonymity. The donations are completely altruistic, organs are assigned by strict order of medical urgency and neir donor's family knows to whom organ is to be implanted, nor recipient knows identity of who has given him something as important as Chance to stay alive. Not everything is done wrong in this country and it is advisable to celebrate it.

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