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The summer comes, the slowness returns

No hurry, no one's waiting. The same may feel strange in this new condition, as torn from the course of events, abandoned to drift, lost in an exasperating stillness

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The summer comes, the slowness returns

New technologies have changed people's lives. Everyone is already tied to a mobile, riding on current of present. BIIIIB, BIIIIP!: There are a lot of boys trapped in a cave in Thailand. BIIIIB, BIIIIP!: A new millionaire signing jumps for next league. BIIIIB, BIIIIP!: Triumphs supposed hope that comes to rescue right in Spain. Trot, trot. That is mark of 21st century: Present!, always present, seized with tension of moment, connected. Each one is jogging, re is no time to lose, and each one is permanently warned of most relevant: niece dropped ice cream ball on sand of beach, poor, and bror-in-law is now devouring a five-story hamburger , what a guy. That nothing escapes, that is condition of some creatures who have surrendered to present, and who trot and trot to not miss anything. Happiness is attained in sublime moment in which one is incorporated into permanent flow of things.

Bad news: The holidays came. And unfortunately, it's going to get some noise in spotless order of screens and notices and "like". It is not serious, do not go to worry too much. Take parensis as a temporary disease, an uncomfortable cold that relaxes that permanent communion with whole humanity through an intelligent pileup to which we surrender homage. It may even be a good opportunity to know some states that were cultivated in former times and have almost disappeared: slowness, laziness, tedium.

The slowness has to do, for moment, to stop jogging. No hurry, no one's waiting. The same may feel strange in this new condition, as ripped from course of events, abandoned to drift, lost in an exasperating stillness. But don't give up. Lift a leg with extreme parsimony, seat a little farr, push body forward, move or: Congratulations, you've managed to take a step! And in process has had time to distract and contemplate how ants move ir limbs. Perhaps you have been surprised by a different idea from all that you usually find in your tribe's networks. Go. Then you can throw it away, but take it for a spin. That's summer.

There's nothing serious about laziness eir. It is a sort of misunderstanding in face of urgency. That mobile was left in kitchen and control of TV on table of room, nothing happens. The effort to get up is tremendous; and total, what for? Almost better to go on like this, with look on ceiling, stopped in a small spot as if this concentrated all wisdom of world. You can even hear noise of time when it passes by your side. And make a cut of sleeves.

There is boredom, which can become exasperating but also has its healing virtues. "Lie down, without shame, horse whose helmets stumble on everything," says a poem by Baudelaire. Lie down without shame until greatest of boredom arrives. Lie down, and enjoy holidays.

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