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The time to bury the axe of war

The least mistaken candidates will tilt the 21-D balance to their side

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The time to bury the axe of war

The publication, last Friday, of last polls of intention of vote in elections of December 21 have confirmed what was expected: technical tie between independence parties and so-called constitutionalists. Or, what is same, it will be very difficult to form government in Catalonia next January. There is a certain feeling of stagnant water in environment.

Without entering details of ups and downs compared to previous elections (separatism obtained 72 deputies and Unionism 52), surveys predict this time an equalization around 62 deputies per band, leaving CeC Podem as a hinge Impossible to open one or or door, since majority in House requires 68 seats. All this, counting on finally to vote more than 80% of Catalans.

In circumstances of a tie, re is no choice but to play an extension. Although it would be better if tie-breaker were to occur in time added of few remaining days until day of elections that citizens have to be summoned again to vote. The experience of repetition of general elections in Spain in 2015 and 2016 should serve as an example of something that is not good to replicate.

Experts often say that last days of campaign do not change majority's intent to vote. Although y do recognise that latest avalanche of electoral acts can influence participation and may even adversely affect a candidate who is breaking leg at last minute.

The three parties that have fought against independence and illegality (PSOE, citizens and PP) have made an enormous effort to mobilize so-called silent (or silenced) majority that has suffered effects of separatism on ir meats. And it looks like y're getting it. The doubt y have at this point is wher data proclaimed by polls can cause a contrary effect to desired one: by mobilizing those nationalists who crossed border into secessionism in last elections, but who are now confused For DUI and or illegal actions.

This seems to be last minute objective of parties of Independence Party (ERC, JxCat and CUP): Confront Catalanism to Spanish enemy who has taken Catalonia with weapons of article 155 of Constitution. In this strategy, y question cleanliness of elections and accuse government of cheating, as if Spain were a banana republic.

In se days of overtime, least mistaken candidates will tilt scales to ir side. A goal against last minute would be disastrous for anyone. So parties on each side should bury hatchet between m and focus on criticizing those on or side.

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