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The Toledo pact opens to retake the IPC in the revaluation of pensions

Deputies negotiate a new annual updating formula that maintains the power of the Pensioners

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The Toledo pact opens to retake the IPC in the revaluation of pensions

The mobilizations of pensioners of past few months are having consequences. First it was an increase of 0.25% this year for lower pensions that was reflected in budgets. Now within pact of Toledo, an agreement is being opened up which would reposition prices and its evolution at centre of annual revaluation of pensions, according to several parliamentary sources.

The final text of recommendation two, which refers to revaluation of pensions, of new edition of Toledo Pact is not yet closed. Nor is re a completely finalized agreement, y warn those same sources, but it is clear that IPC will again have a major role in annual updating of pensions.

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Several parliamentarians present at meeting of parliamentary committee dealing with pension issues and recommendations for ir reform point out that meeting point is being stroked, but that re are open points for closing that agreement. According to same members, y point out that PP would have opened up to that possibility and that also citizens would be on job.

Until now, PP had remained alone in defending revaluation mechanism created in 2013 which updates each year pensions taking into account financial situation of Social security and which had established annual increments since n of 0.25% For all pensions. This was observed at time of greater mobilization of retirees, last March.

What is missing from closing would be what happens to pensions in times of crisis. Here would be a group among which would be PdeCAT, PNV and, probably, PP that would bet on a model similar to one followed in budgets of this year, ie that in times of crisis or recession, higher pensions do not rise with CPI while casualties maintain Purchasing power. Left-wing groups, for ir part, do not see this possibility with good eyes.

In draft of text that is working Toledo pact, it can be read that re is a coincidence in need to establish "a new mechanism of revaluation that has as a basic purpose to guarantee purchase of pensioners, which takes into account In its configuration evolution of consumer price index.

Opening up possibility of reaching an agreement in this recommendation is key for Toledo pact to be able to reach a common point in this issue. It is in revaluation of pensions where main obstacle was so far. Eliminated this obstacle, last night several members were optimistic about possibility of soon achieving a common text with recommendations that serve as a basis for negotiation of future pension reform with social agents and ir embodiment in a Legal drafting.


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