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The treasury prepares a rise in fixed and variable for the officials

The secretary of State of Public Function-meets this Thursday with the unions of the public function to try to reach an agreement in salary for the period 2018-2020

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The treasury prepares a rise in fixed and variable for the officials

The secretary of State of Public Function-meets this Thursday with unions of public function to try to reach an agreement in salary for period 2018-2020

The main trade unions (UGT, CC OO and CSIF) and Ministry of Finance maintain a tough bargaining on account of pay rise for officials who will pick up next Budgets. The next meeting will occur this Thursday evening between secretary of State of Public Function, Elena Collado, and union representatives. At that meeting, Executive will propose a wage increase with a fixed part and a variable one linked to growth (GDP). In addition, rise would be limited to a maximum of around 5% in period 2018-2020. The Executive explained that looking for not baiting CPI or hinder creation of employment in private sector by a leverage effect in negotiations in companies.


  • Treasury will negotiate with unions to link to GDP, wage increases for officials
  • The Government negotiates last Budget of legislature
  • The pull of revenue tax about fulfilment of public deficit
  • Promotion moved to Treasury, pulse pay in airports of Aena
  • The Government uses 35-hour week for staff members andalusians
  • officials will begin to recover something of purchasing power at end of year

The representative of Treasury is also displayed favorable to rise replacement rate (replacement of those who retire by new staff). This union demand was born to aging of templates. Finally, Hill will not close door to go down day to 35 hours, but only certain sectors and of progressive form.

The unions argue that employees in public sector came to lose up to 20% of purchasing power since 2010, including cuts and freezing of salary. And y point out that current scenario is not years ago, when economy fell and applied settings. In addition, remember that your work load has increased as public templates have been drastically reduced.

For next few years, trade unions would accept a rise of more modest, is always that already next year y started to gain purchasing power on basis of current position or to recover part of cut of 5% approved by Zapatero Government in 2010. This would recover that percentage more than inflation build-up from 2018 to 2020. This would result in an increase of about 3% annually. Something that Treasury does not seem to accept.

There is some pessimism among trade union representatives. They believe that Government is backtracking with respect to offer that we put on table last week when minister Montoro met with union representatives. Sources of se organizations are that after initial meetings with secretariat of State re was a scenario of recovery of purchasing power with a rise of 1.25% plus anor percentage linked to CPI, which would lead to a rise close to 2.5% a year. Expected to get se days in a document of Treasury with a concrete proposal to be working on it. But ministry has not advance any specific proposals.

Pepe Fernández, general secretary of public workers of CC OO , believes that " Government is withdrawing. He had opened up a scenario of recovery of purchasing power that is not materializing," notes with disappointment. "We're not closed to that one of criteria for revaluation wage is GDP, but we don't waive cost of life form also a part", points out Frederic Monell, of UGT. "We don't have room for an agreement that does not collect a significant recovery of purchasing power," he added, without forgetting weekly working time of 35 hours. For his part, Miguel Borra, president of CSIF, argues that " public employees to begin to participate in revival of economy. And this should be noted on your payroll". And he adds: "in Addition, it is essential to retrieve day of 35 hours."


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