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The unemployment rate rises to 16.74% in the first quarter after destroying 124,100 jobs

Unemployment rises by just two-tenths between January and March

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The unemployment rate rises to 16.74% in the first quarter after destroying 124,100 jobs

It raises unemployment and lowers employment. The trend of last years in labour market has been fulfilled at beginning of an exercise. The unemployment rate has been 16.74%, two tenths more than previous quarter. And occupation has declined in 124,100 jobs, until 18,870,000, according to active Population Survey reported by INE.

But this year that tonic has been worse than in recent years. It's biggest job drop in beginning of year since 2014. The same is observed on side of unemployment, which has risen in 29,400 people, biggest increase since 2013.

In fall of employment in this beginning of 2018, it has played a decisive role private sector, where 155,200 position of work have been destroyed. This setback has been partly offset by administrations, whose templates have grown in 31,000 people.

As regards most numerous collective of Labour Merdado, salaried ones, ir number is reduced by 130,300. This descent is concentrated among those who have a temporary contract (128,900 less). Something of this first quarter. However, this fall does not curb growing role of temporality in Spanish labor market. Between January and March, 26.1% had temporary contracts, three tenths more than in same quarter of previous year.

The first quarter of labor market has shown weakness in labor market in recent years. And so it has been seen in last 10 years, in which between January and March, jobs have been destroyed. This weakness is also seen in unemployment rate, which usually marks annual peak at beginning of each year. And, in fact, peak of past crisis (and historical series) was reached in first quarter of 2013.


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