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The waitresses of floor in Canary will strike in protest for the hard working conditions

The Kellys sub-sector want to stop on 25 December and 1 January to call for an improvement in job security and the quality of employment

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The waitresses of floor in Canary will strike in protest for the hard working conditions

The majority union in hotel industry in province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, trade unionists of Base, has called a general strike in subsector of waitresses of floor in Canary Islands for days 25 of December and 1 of January in protest for harsh conditions of TR The absence of occupational health and safety and low quality of employment. Those known as Kellys, who ask to improve ir situation, are more than 20,000 workers in this community and perform an average of more than 20 rooms per day with an average salary of 1,300 euros in 14 pay.

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According to federation, which expects or unions to join strike, floor waitresses suffer greatest number of processes of temporary and total disability due to muscular and skeletal disorders and back injuries in hostería sector. For grassroots trade unionists, re is a "lack of commitment" on part of companies: "Despite living a golden stage, y adjust ir templates and replace in scope of collective of floor waitresses contracts full-time for precarious hirings on time "Partial," said a spokesperson for grouping.

The Union has also criticized "lack of firmness" on part of Labour Inspectorate and "posture" in recent years of political parties and or unions which, according to m, "do not provide solutions or answers to problems beyond photo". As an example, it details how Canary Islands Parliament rejected in its day proposed reform of tourism law to determine minimum templates needed based on category and regime of clients and occupation in hotels and apartments of Canary Islands.

Grassroots trade unionists request that employers of sector endorse guide to good practices for ergonomic and psychosocial risks applicable to hotel industry and that in field of ergonomics and regulation of ir daily work are incorporated ir Recommendations. They also propose introduction of pauses during working day and that content of judgement of Superior Court of Justice of Canary Islands of 29 May 2014 which determines obligation of company to replace existing beds by beds with system Of elevation that avoid ergonomic risk in forced postures, and that this recommendation is incorporated into articles 35 of catering agreement of province of Las Palmas and article 38 of Santa Cruz de Tenerife convention.

CC OO calls for an upgrade

This week, CC OO has asked Canarian government and Ashotel — hotel patronal of this region — to promote a wage increase in this subsector of tourism, as last September occurred in Balearic Islands, where an increase of 17% in four years was approved. It has also proposed that this wage improvement be reinforced by a tripartite agreement to promote health surveillance, as re are "countless health problems" that afflict floor waitresses, such as workloads that carry physical disorders and Psychosocial, unrecognized occupational diseases or unrecognized disabilities.

The Union recalls that in January negotiation of wage review of provincial convention of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, which has a 20% lower wages than provincial of Las Palmas, is opened, and in which area re are up to 40 company wage pacts with Discriminatory clauses on basis of gender, according to CC OO.


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