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The world split in two

In view of the electoral programs published by the secessionists the only thing that can be expected for the next few years is more of the same

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The world split in two

This is how world view editors of electoral program of a political party that has broken coalition of Junts PEL Yes to reduce it to solitude of Junts per Catalunya: Party in two, so that voters only have to choose between democracy or 155 , Puigdemont or Rajoy, was born or Imposició, Referèndum or elections autonòmiques. Those who opt for Junts per Caltalunya know that with ir ballot y choose democracy, Puigdemont, born and Referèndum. The rest will be obliged to choose: 155, Rajoy, Imposició or autonòmiques election.

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  • DIRECTOSigue last hour of elections in Catalonia

This way of Dicotomizar public space is typical of new generation populism that from a social minority aspire to totality of power. They proceed, first, to build account of m and us; Spain against Catalonia, Spanish State against Catalan Republic, moving immediately to its same social reality: who is not with Puigdemont is with Rajoy, until converting all people, groups or parties located at some point on left-right axis In a homogeneous block guided by a single objective: to devastate freedoms of Catalan nation.

It does not matter that among those who are manifested in secession of Catalonia re are also profound differences that prevent m from appearing toger or in common with electors. What matters is that ors, that is, that half of Catalan society that feels in greater or lesser degree as Spanish as Catalan, or or way around, fit all in same sack of contempt and denial: y are not Catalans, that's all.

The reality is, however, that this dichotomy so constructed, that world split in two, hidden or invisible a society that today appears more than ever politically fragmented. Not to recognize it or to pretend to erase it from a power of state as it is Generalitat has been source and origin of all calamities that a political elite in evil of rebellion has brought on its own land. It would be time to rectify, but in view of electoral programs published by secessionists only thing that can be expected for next few years is more of same.

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