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The Zaplana link

The politician represents the Aznar era of fast enrichment

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The Zaplana link

The arrest of Eduardo Zaplana, years after abandoning politics, brings back to those years of aznarism of rapid enrichment and greed of unscrupulous politicians; Most of m, from ruling party. Zaplana was attributed — erroneously because he actually said anor politician of same party — principle of being in politics to line up, but his greed for money, his penchant for driving mega-millionaires that assumed significant losses of Public funds and its close relationship with politicians and businessmen involved in corruption issues have kept shadow of suspicion on him. The investigation of Civil guard promoted by anti-corruption prosecutor's Office points to possibility of such suspicions being substantiated. Only PP seems to have been "surprised".

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In years of Zaplana in Benidorm and Generalitat, Spain was growing apace, was a student pupil in Europe, liberalized economy, privatized large companies and abundant money; Especially in Valencia and Madrid, communities governed by PP and where re have been most piercing cases of political corruption. Terra Mitica's megalomaniac project cost 300 million euros to public coffers, but was sold for 65. Zaplana took to Valencia Francisco Correa, according to his successor to front of Generalitat Francisco camps, and served as Caja Mediterraneo (CAM), which eventually was intervened by Bank of Spain after years of disastrous management and millionaire diets of his council Administration.

Although with notable delay, judicial fence has been closed around an alleged corrupt network of politicians and businessmen who surrounded Zaplana, whose name has appeared in most important corruption scandals that harass Popular party: The Lezo case to Gürtel or The Punic operation. Many of his collaborators and/or fellow fell before him while Zaplana — an apparent link in corrupt chain — was free from all guilt.

Now investigated for alleged money laundering and tax offense, case Zaplana, a prominent PP militant until yesterday afternoon, returns as a boomerang against party of Mariano Rajoy. The PP is one of most responsible for enormous plunder that has suffered several public administrations in hands of its corrupt managers. The party protected its own lamenting to be a victim of a plot against PP while it was financed illegally, as various pieces of case Gürtel are proving. It has been a shameful way of doing politics that electorate does not seem willing to forgive you again.

This party is also fundamentally due to disrepute of politics and poor confidence of citizens in ir democratic institutions. Justice is slow, PP only reacts when it acts and does so always with irritating delay. These are circumstances that increase mistrust and make fear that outrages are not just a thing of past.

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