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There is no complicity with the herd

The case of the alleged rape of Pamplona shows that the society is not as willing as before to justify sexual assaults by the behavior of the victim

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There is no complicity with the herd

The case has been seen this week for sentencing. The five defendants — named herd by ir group of WhatsApp — can be sentenced for raping an 18-year-old who in last year's Sanfermines pretended to have fun and ended up suffering ir worst nightmare: being sexually assaulted by five men in a Dark portal of Pamplona. The case, of leftovers already known, and some or milder allegations gave at time that city took measures against what, according to connoisseurs of party, was almost a tradition. There was always some harassment of girls taking advantage of general revelry.

The case of herd demonstrates that this tradition is still alive, sometimes in its most serious version, but also that social perception regarding se abuses has changed somewhat because outcry against aggressors has added outrage at attempt to question victims Tima. The defendants have pretended — and y may still succeed — alleviate ir guilt by claiming that girl not only consented, but made normal life after what happened, she went out with friends and even published on Facebook photo of a T-shirt with motto "Whatever You do , take off your panties. " They tried, in short, as writer Almudena Grandes alleges, to certify that a respectable woman should continue to suffer after suffering.

Only judges, who have all evidence, will be able to elucidate in this particular case. What is certain is that society no longer seems as willing as it once was to justify brutal attacks by some because of behavior of its victims. There was a time when judges took into account "provocation" that was supposed to wear miniskirts to reduce penalty to aggressor and that it was considered an exemption that victim did not opposed a strong resistance to attack. Today se "good children" — in words of a defense lawyer — have not yet found complicity y sought.

The victim, so young, has not taken refuge in silence and has maintained a version of facts that would have harmed him before, like that flirtation before crime. He has felt breath that has come to him from street, from feminist associations and even from press. Silencing is no longer an option because society reacts today against executioners and not against m, because it understands that a daring garment, recklessness and even a desire for sex is not a permission to be forced. Because sexual freedom is as sacred as freedom to dry.

The figures of macho violence are scandalous and campaigns against it do not seem to reduce such a lacerated phenomenon. But now, at least, we know its size and now also victims like that of Pamplona, traumatized, yes, perhaps y have an environment that absorbs m and manages to dispel like never before complex of guilt that persecutes men and women victims of sexual aggressions.

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