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They tried to hit the economy, Turkey grew up in line!

The credit rating agencies that have been able to invest in Turkey after July 15th, the treacherous coup of the fetus, cannot be prevented from growing...

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They tried to hit the economy, Turkey grew up in line!
They tried to hit economy, Turkey grew up in line! Check-in Date: 12.10.2017 12:08 update Date: 12.10.2017 12:28 The treacherous coup of Fetö, after July 15th, Turkey can be invested in status The issuing credit rating agencies have now entered escalation race against inevitable rise in growth

The credit rating agencies, who viewed global economy and financial system with quarterly and annual reports, are going to upward revision, albeit zoraki in Turkey's predictions. In contrast to interests of Western forces, especially in United States, hands of ranking agencies that have to take action against Turkey, which are pursuing independent policy, are tied to hand. They even have to praise Turkish economy instead of breaking notes or making speculative remarks. The reason is; Our economic performance.

5% growth has led m all to road

Turkish economy growing 5 percent in first 6 months of year; Fitch, Moody's and previous day after Standard Poor's, IMF doubled 2017 growth forecast, which was 2.5 percent, and upgraded to 5.1 percent. According to news in Yousuf Afak, this change has been recorded as most serious positive revision. In report published in April, estimates were described as 3.3 percent for 2017 and 2.5 per cent for 2018. The World Bank, Morgan Stanley, Organisation for Economic Development and Economic Cooperation (OECD), Fitch and Moody's also raised growth forecasts for Turkey.

The numbers did not allow this time

In first six months of geopolitical fire in region, 5.1 growing and current deficit in August on a monthly basis of 1 billion 237 million dollars in lowest level of nearly 2 years against Turkey's financial weapons are not attacking because figures are allowed to . Global forces are attacking with credit rating agencies where y know that y cannot enter a weapon or bring a string. In past year, developing countries and Russia have decided to build ir own rating agencies by rebelling into this situation, with inconsistent decision-making methodologies, which are not disclosed.

They've been holding reports since 1992

Fitch, Moody's and Standard Poor's, known as zero teachers in our country, report Turkey from 1992 to today. Turkey, which is rated ' static ' or ' negative ' on se dates, has a stable view of assessments of all three organisations between 1999-2000. Moody's, 2016, in September, Turkey's credit view of ' static ', rating of ' Baa3 ' dropped to BA1. This meant that Turkey was not seen as an investment in Moody's. Following 15th of July, SP had a rank of Turkey's BB and set its appearance to negative. Moody's had a negative view of BBB-grade which could be an investment level given to Turkey. It is remarkable that organizations that are in drop-down race by beginning of this year are at exact opposite competition.

MOODY's always on wrong account

Moody's received a credit rating of "Investment can be made" in Turkey in May 2013, about 40 months later on 23 September 2016. Moody's lowered Turkey's credit rating to BA1 level, which is 1 digit below "investment can be made" level. On May 5, 1992, he took Turkey to an "investment can be made" level, and only 20 months later, he lowered note by 1 digit to bottom of "investment doable" level. He had set BBB-i.e. negative to last investment level that he had given to Turkey.

Politically effective somehow

On January 27, 2017, Ftich lowered credit rating of Turkey's long-term currency in one step below investment level. Note that view is stopped at stop. "Developments in field of political and security have weakened economic performance and institutional independence," Fitch said in a statement. Thus, credit rating was taken from BBB-to BB , with three major credit rating agencies already evaluating Turkey with highest credit ratings, Fitch assesses turkey at lowest level of "can be invested".

SP still holding 2.4

Standard poor's, organization that evaluates Turkey with lowest credit rating, has lowered view of Turkey's credit rating to negative from stable on January 27th, 2017. SP predicted growth of approximately 2 percent in 2016 years in Turkey's GDP, while 2017 per cent for ratio of 2.4. SP had two reviews in 2016 years. On July 20th, after Turkey's credit rating dropped 1 digit, Turkey evaluated under 2 steps of "Investment can be made" level.

After 15th of July, disaster was Tellalhad

On September 21, 2016, Moody's experts, news agency Reuters announced that after July 15th that Turkish economy was scattered to some extent, but country was alone with long-term problems. Only 2 days after this statement, Turkey's credit rating lowered below level of investment can be made, note set appearance as "static".


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