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This is what it'll cost for an iPhone 8 in the four largest operators in Spain

Phone companies allow you to book it already, but not sold, for the moment, the iPhone X

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This is what it'll cost for an iPhone 8 in the four largest operators in Spain

phone companies allow you to book it already, but not sold, for moment, iPhone X

The main operators in Spanish telephony have already set ir rates for new iPhone 8, presented this week by Apple. For moment, none of four main operators, Movistar, Vodafone, Orange and Yoigo, have available version star of range, iPhone X. To free end, price starts at 809 euros ( iPhone 8 to 64 GB). In addition, companies, except Movistar, make discounts on price of device in function of rate of link. The four can be booked now for delivery on 22nd of September, when it goes on sale in Spain.


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The operators Spanish offer for moment only iPhone 8, with a 4.7-inch screen, and iPhone 8 plus, more large, 5.5-inch, in ir versions of 64 -, and 256 GB. The price of free end starts at 809 euros for smaller version and lower capacity. The larger version with more memory is going to 1.089 euros. According to data that has been unable to collect THE COUNTRY, only Orange and Movistar offer possibility to buy it free. Below, a summary of prices of iPhone 8 64GB, terminal most basic of range, and iPhone Plus 256 GB, most expensive of four major operators in tariffs only mobile, not convergent.

This. If one subscribes to any of tariffs of operators, most economic option, in principle, is that of Yoigo, which offers an iPhone 8 64gb for 599 euros, hiring, yes, its expensive tariff, called “The endless”, which costs 32 euros per month, according to have informed sources of company. The company provides terminal with no down payment, with 24 monthly installments of 20 euros and a residual value (final payment that client makes after you pay fees) for 199 euros. With cheapest rate of Yoigo, that same device is going to 728 euros, with an initial payment of 9 euros, 24 fees, 25 and 119 of residual value. In case of more expensive model, price would go from 878 euros of fee “without end” (initial payment of £ 29, 24 instalments of eur 30 and a final payment of 129) to 998 (initial payment of 149 euros, 24 instalments of 30 and 129 of residual value) of cheapest fare, "0 1.5 GB".

Vodafone, for its part, offers terminal of more basic range from 732€, you can pay cash or would be product of a quota of 30,50 euros for two years, no down payment, option which reserves for ir rates Network M (10 GB, 37 euros per month) and RedL (20 GB, 47 euros per month). To have mobile with lowest fare, Mini S, which costs 16 euros a month, it is necessary to a down payment of 135 euros and 24 instalments of € 25. Vodafone's only going to make sale for particular models normal and Plus 64 GB. In case of latter, prices range from 842,99 euros in case of small rate S (initial payment of 135 euros and 24 instalments of 29,50 euros) to 839,99 of Network M or L (no down payment, 24 fees of 35 euros). Models of 256 GB are reserved for clients of company, said sources close to carrier red.

Movistar, for its part, sells free end (always iPhone 8 to 64 GB) for 809 euros, like Orange. In case of Movistar, re is no discount in price of apparatus in function of rate that is contracted. In contrast, teaches of Phone offers for iPhone, service is Always new, which allows it to be made with iPhone 8, more basic, from 600,36 euros (12 installments of 50,03 eur) and decide, at end of 12, 18 and 24 months, if kept with phone, paying a trade-in value of at least 268,07 euros more –with what final price amounts to 868,43 euros - or exchange it for anor new phone, and pay amounts n laid down. In case of terminal is more powerful, price is 1.089 euros, although service Always new, can be purchased by 808,68 euros and re is a trade-in value of 360 euros.

Orange, in change, in addition to phone-free, it does offer a discount as it goes up your rates. With lowest price, Squirrel, small model of 64 GB is 737 euros, with an initial payment of 299 euros and 24 instalments of 18,25 euros. To extent that fee is more complete, initial payment is reduced –it goes away in fees more expensive - and mobile comes out cheaper (694,80 € to Go Top, which costs 44,95 euros per month). For more expensive option of iPhone, device free costs 1.089 euros, a price which is reduced to 954 euros (24 monthly payments of 39,75) for fare more expensive, Go Top. for more economical fare, device exits for 993,8 euros, with an initial payment of 299 euros, and 24 instalments of 28,95.

The Galaxy Note 8, as in shops

The setrena already in Spanish shops is greatest rival of iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy Note8, presented in New York on 23rd of August. As reported today by company, is one of models of hyundai brand more successful in period of pre-sales, tripling reservations of its predecessor, Note7, so that Celestino Garcia, vice president of Samsung Spain, has declared itself "overwhelmed". As reported by Samsung in a note, among those who have reserved device does not reveal number of-, 71% were men and 29% of women.

The recommended price of Galaxy Note8 is 1.010,33 euros. Like its competitor, price varies between distinas companies and, within se, depending on fare purchased.


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