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Three huge cardboard cups for the M ü Llvermeidung

The city wants to reduce the number of disposable cups and provides almost F ü NF meter high cups-these F ü llmenge drink the M ü nchner every day from coffee-to-go cups.

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Three huge cardboard cups for the M ü Llvermeidung

It starts with name: Cardboard cups-this sounds harmless, as if container could easily be recycled. But cardboard cup is not only made of cardboard. The inside is coated with plastic, and usually re is a plastic lid on top of it. A few minutes mug is used, n it lands in dustbin. 190 000 times this happens in Munich. Every day.

No one can imagine numbers like this. For this reason, city of Munich was able to imagine something: three giant disposable cups will deface cityscape in next few days-on Marienplatz, on prickly and on Harras. The almost five-metre-high memorials have filling quantity that Munich drink from coffee-to-go cups every day. "Munich is tired", says slogan with which Waste management company Munich (AWM) is pulling into fight against paper cup flood. For AWM, disposable packaging is a big problem, because its volume leaves municipal dustbin over sources.

The biggest rubbish myths of everyday life Is coffee-to-go mug incarnation of evil? Are paper bags really better than plastic bags? And should coffee capsules not be banned? We'll clear up. By Valentin Dornis, Julia Klaus, Vivien Timmler and Esr Widmann more...

In addition, ecological consequences are: according to German environmental aid Germans use 2.8 billion disposable cups every year. For this, 43 000 trees are cut, 1.5 billion liters of water consumed and 3 000 tonnes of crude oil processed. After use, cups are burned as y usually land in public trash cans.

There are already alternatives. Recup is called a. Already 180 Munich cafes use this deposit system. The customer pays a euro deposit for hard plastic mug, gets even a discount on coffee and can redeem vessel at each participating café. There y are rinsed and re-used.

Passerby Evelyn Bahrjany, who strolls past Recup's tasting booth during campaign launch, is skeptical. "I can't give it to my bakery around corner," she says. At all, she has no understanding of to-go culture. "We didn't have anything like that before. That's where you put yourself in café for a coffee drink. " Melanie Bauer, anor passerby, looks more confident. For ecological reasons she often has her own recourse mug, but not always. Therefore, Recup Cup is already a good alternative in your eyes. In addition, some cafes would refuse to fill ir own vessels. But even in this case re is already a solution: just look for cafes with inscription "Coffee to go Again".

Wher Dieter Reiter (SPD) spoke of any guilt in presentation of new AWM campaign. He doesn't drink coffee-to-go, but he sees his employees ' consumption. After all, cups do not come from ir own canteen. Because city wants to lead by example and banished disposable cups from service buildings, schools, canteens and libraries.

Municipal adviser Axel Macaulay pointed out that city of Munich is experienced in matter of waste prevention. At end of 80s, every Oktoberfest visitor caused anor two kilos of rubbish, now it is 200 grams.

Coffee to go in Pledge Cup on Christmas markets, principle is working, now "Recup" is also to prevail in Munich cafés: a plastic mug, which is taken against a euro deposit and In anor place. by Franziska Gerlach more...


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