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Time of justice

The first trial for a stolen baby case reminds us of a pending task

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Time of justice
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Before passing page of history is necessary to read it, and one that Spain has still outstanding reading and overcoming is one that configures shameful mass ft of babies to mors, usually single, without means or ability to protest, to give m to Marriages that Francoist regime considered appropriate. Since Civil War and until 1981, first in prisons and n in clinics and in an organized way, many women suffered during dictatorship and beginning of democracy abduction of ir newborns by medical and religious elites that denied m ir Ability to be mors and that also profited allegedly with ir sale. The babies were destined to couples well-regarded by regime, in general after payment of amounts that fed networks of traffic of babies — n considered adoptions — to heat of francoism. The public prosecutors have accumulated about 2,000 complaints.

History has been coming to light over years thanks to press information, to work of some judges and to victims ' organizations, but this week has seen an important milestone when it first came to trial. Dr. Eduardo Vela, director of San Ramón Clinic in Madrid, one of epicenters of baby traffic, sat yesterday on bench of defendants of Provincial Court of Madrid for crimes of illegal detention, assumption of childbirth and falsehood in document Official. Allegedly delivered a stolen baby in 1969 to Inés Perez, already deceased. The D.A. asks for him 11 years in prison.

The process attempts to culminate struggle undertaken by Inés Madrigal with help of her adoptive mor, Inés Pérez, for discovering truth and promoting clarification of one of blackest chapters of recent history in Spain. Before he dies, Inés Pérez said that Dr. Vela instructed her to fake a pregnancy, recommended her to simulate nausea, not to paint, not to go to hairdresser and put on cushions to appear belly and, ultimately, she was awarded baby that has now become Complainant. The 85-year-old doctor Vela has tried to plead health problems to avoid trial, but hearing's coroner concluded that he is in perfect condition to face process.

Spain still holds important unsolved episodes in still recent history of dictatorship, from transfer of remains of Francisco Franco from valley of fallen to recovery of those executed in pits and ditches or resignification of his own Valley. The ft and trafficking of babies is one of most bleeding and difficult to solve, since its protagonists have died or are in advanced ages. But to clarify what happened, to satisfy demands of children to know biological parents and to seek justice to victims of crimes that in principle do not prescribe is a necessary and relevant task that institutions must face with commitment. To address wounds of past to achieve its overcoming is, after all, a symptom of democratic solvency and maturity as a country that Spain can and must be demanded.

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