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Today the first 5g auction of mobile telephony is celebrated

The government would raise a minimum of 100 million for the frequencies by which the four national operators bid

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Today the first 5g auction of mobile telephony is celebrated

On Wednesday 18th, auction of frequency band 3.6-3.8 gigahertz (GHZ) will begin, on which initial phase of new generation of mobile telephony 5g is to be developed, for a total output amount of 100 million euros for whole of 200 Megahertz (MHz) that are tendered, according to Secretary of State for information society and Digital Agenda (SESIAD), dependent on Ministry of Economy and Business.

The four national operators – Telefónica, Orange, Vodafone and MásMóvil-Participate in auction. In principle, terms of auction are considered "reasonable" for both 20-year concession period and starting price.

The 200 MHz that go to auction are distributed in a total of 40 blocks of 5 MHz each, all at national level, and with an output price set at 2.5 million euros for each. Operators participating in auction must respect maximum frequency limit that same operator can have in band 3.4-3.8 GHz, fixed in 120MHz.

Electronic bidding

The bidding process will be carried out by electronic means, through an upward simultaneous auction mechanism of multiple rounds. Tenderers must formulate ir bids within duration of round. The process will end when no new bids are received in a round.

The auction will take place in scheduled rounds at table, between 10 and 18 hours, Monday through Friday. The rounds will have a maximum duration of 30 minutes and will be programmed at least 15 minutes before ir start time.

The Ministry of Economy has emphasized that "this is first step in deployment of necessary networks for development of 5g system, which will situate Spain among most advanced countries in impulse of this new technology"

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