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Trade starts Christmas campaign with aggressive sales

The shops want to shake with the Black Friday the bad results of October, which added to a warmer climate than normal instability in Catalonia

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Trade starts Christmas campaign with aggressive sales

In a pharmacy in Alcalá de Madrid Street near Metro de Quintana, outside central almond, a sign announces in showcase that re are lowered on Black Friday. The clerks are not clear that hook was working. But y do not want to put aside fashion of se sales imported from America. "Here offers do not attract people," recognizes one of employees. "Customers come to buy as usual, but when paying y take a surprise," she explains. Serve m or not to make a box, almost no one wanted this Friday to ignore that this day of U.S.-imported discount — next day is celebrated for Thanksgiving — has curdled in Spain.

The winter sales were before a reserved (and regulated by law) commercial hook from January 7th onwards, once Christmas shopping was over. They were season's auction. Now y're starting gun. Trade has worked hard to get heavy artillery out this year, and has made discounts of between 10% and 50%. Economic recovery seems stabilized, consumer credit has been shot and employment rises. However, warm October left warehouses full of coats and political instability by Catalonia makes fear stores that have cooled desire to spend. The Spanish Confederation of Commerce did not expect a Black Friday to be buoyant for entrepreneurs, because discounts are aggressive, and that can hit margins, especially small trade. But success of public was seen in streets of big cities and in malls.

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To walk through main artery of Madrid, great way, you have to arm of patience in afternoon. The center of city has been filled with passers avid some to buy, ors by gossip. At 19.00 It was hard to get mobile coverage. In morning, Elena González, 22, was waiting for Fnac door to open. It was 9.50 and had a fixed idea: a Canon reflex camera. Near re, in a Media Markt of Plaza del Carmen, José Enrique Alvar, manager, had mobilized entire staff. "To be prepared." Some trades estimated in 50% increase of public.

Rosa and Anna, mor and daughter of Lleida, have come to Barcelona to spend weekend willing to take advantage of discounts. Anna likes Brownie brand, which has no store in her hometown. and plan to take advantage of 20% discount. In Catalonia, commerce trusted more than ever in this consumerist party: Traders hoped that it would mark path of recovery that during month of October fell significantly after independence referendum and climate of protests.

According to a survey of Metroscopia for country, 22% of Spanish had planned to buy something. Half had a budget of between 50 and 200 euros.

The Spanish giants of commerce have turned. The English court had been heating up date for days. Group sources assured that on Thursday, when y had already activated discounts, ir sales were fired 30%. The booking website caught him said he had sold a 36% more hotel nights. The giant online Amazon even took promotions in food: Internet sold chops and crabs reduced.

Are all offers unbeatable? The organization of consumers was warned that re is a trap, at least on Internet: he said — with a sample of 13,305 products from 12 online stores — that if prices were compared to a month ago (October 24), 40% have remained same, 25% had risen and 35% had gone down.

with information from Amneris S. Alonso, Mar Rocabert, Mikel Ormazabal, Carmen Pérez-Lanzac, Marta Rodríguez and Ángeles Lucas.


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