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Trade unions call for mobilizations in the vicinity of the wage pact

UGT and CC OO had planned to go out on the street next Saturday for the block of negotiations

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Trade unions call for mobilizations in the vicinity of the wage pact

The progress of negotiations in wage pact has led UGT and CC OO to call off demonstrations that were to be held next Saturday. "Given approach of positions produced in last days, CC OO and UGT have decided to give a last chance to negotiation," says communiqué issued this morning.

Until a few days ago, most widespread feeling was that talks to sign a new collective bargaining agreement had entered a cul-de-sac. The positions seemed acrimonious and public verbal crosses were hard. The majority unions even manifested mselves at gates of headquarters of employer throughout Spain on 22 May. And y threatened a "growing mobilization" if re was no pact.

But as it was known last week that feeling was quite superficial. Below, leaders of CC OO, Unai Sordo, of UGT, Pepe Álvarez, of CEOE, Juan Rosell, and of Cepyme, Antonio Garamendi, have been negotiating and advanced until reaching a common point with regard to salaries: a general increase "around" to 2% and 1% more according to or Criteria such as productivity or business results.

However, from all sides it is remembered that important details are missing to be closed. Among se issues is training and absenteeism, something that is important for CEOE and where you want to go beyond mere commitment.

This very morning, trade union sources were confident that during this week progress could be made that would clearly settle agreement and thus raise call. Finally y have not waited and y have raised it already. This is also a gesture for new government. President Pedro Sanchez has already made contact with some of leaders of social agents to have a meeting as soon as possible.


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