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Transparency in TV3

The Catalans have the right to know where and to whom the public chain allocates the money

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Transparency in TV3

The independence environment has found in Catalan public television a powerful loudspeaker to promote its activities, mobilize its followers and try to generate an international image favorable to ir interests. That TV-3 has not been neutral or respected principles of plurality and information independence is visible. Their programs have been (and still are) a brazen sovereignty transmission belt.

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This lack of impartiality in a television that is financed with taxes of all taxpayers of Catalonia, violates basic objective of public media, which is none or than that of being at service of all citizens, without favoritism or Exclusions. The lack of rigour and professional independence that TV-3 is displaying when reporting on negotiations for inauguration of future president or to account for Carles Puigdemont's stay in Belgium (and before, during procés) makes his coverage Seem embarrassing partisan acts.

The Generalitat dedicates every year substantial games to support public media that at time of Truth act in a sectarian way. Some of companies with which TV-3 has subscribed fabulous content production contracts and service delivery — for example, Mediapro — are being investigated by Ministry of Finance. The department directed by Cristóbal Montoro investigates wher y have any connection with possible embezzlement of public funds by promoting acts related to secessionism.

Transparency contributes to strengning rule of law. Knowing where and to whom TV-3 destines each euro of public money is a requirement that ir viewers should make and, by extension, all Catalans. Accountability is a symptom of democratic health.

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