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Trump doesn't want ties

America risks losing influence by withdrawing from the UN migration project

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Trump doesn't want ties
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The United States has announced that it is withdrawn from United Nations migration Project, which aims to achieve in 2018 an international pact to ensure humanitarian management of migratory and refugee movements. The project was approved in 2016 by 193 un countries. With this decision, President Donald Trump continues his agenda of geopolitical isolationism that has already led him to abandon Paris agreements against climate change and to break trade agreement of Pacific that his predecessor had subscribed with 11 countries in area .

The immediate consequence of this policy is America's loss of influence in planetary outreach problems. The United Nations estimates that re are 65 million refugees and 345 million of migrants scattered around world. The increasing population displacement poses a challenge that no country can aspire to manage alone. Nor America, which is nation with largest number of immigrants in irregular situation.

The Covenant shall have no binding character. With gesture of retiring Trump wants to make it clear that he does not accept any kind of commitment and tries to continue offensive undertaken to get as many immigrants as possible. At moment, it has put an end to program that prevented deportation of 700,000 dreamers (immigrants who became minors) and has reduced both quota of refugees to accomodate (from 110,000 to 45,000) as one of permits of residence and work to grant (of a million to half Million a year). It has also made Supreme green light for third version of migratory veto to prevent entry of people from Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Chad, and North Korea. As a result, millions of immigrants live with anguish a pressure that breaks families and bankrupts life projects fully settled in country.

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