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Trump's Supreme

The president hides dangerously right at the High Court of the United States

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Trump's Supreme

The appointment of Brett Kavanaugh as a magistrate to cover a vacancy in United States Supreme Court is a new sign of radical turn to right that is giving Donald Trump to both presidency and institutions in which he can influence his Charge.

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The members of American Supreme — a tribunal with greater powers than Spanish constitutional — are life-like and although each President proposes for Office of people more or less close to his ideological postulates, he also tries to have a A certain balance in collegiate body. This guarantees not only a plurality of opinions in discussions that are decisively affecting country's future — and which can be a trend in many ors — but gives institution great prestige, credibility and authority. Thus, it is not exceptional that judgments considered progressives receive support of qualified judges of conservatives and vice versa. Moreover, as part of this policy of caring for supreme, Presidents try to have a consensus between Republicans and Democrats at time of ratification in Senate.

So far nine members of supreme were unofficially divided into four progressives and five conservatives. The withdrawal of 81-year-old Anthony Kennedy from a moderate tendency has put on presidential table option of continuing with a balanced supreme or increasing conservative presence. True to his style, Trump has opted for a very politically-based profile and has also let himself see that he does not care about Democratic Party's consensus because he has a majority in Senate. This camera will be partially renewed in November, but Trump pretends to vote Kavanaugh before.

Kavanaugh, aged 53, can spend decades in office without problems. His predecessor, Kennedy, has spent 30 years in post. The magistrate is a staunch defender of possession of weapons in hands of individuals, contrary to universal health program established by Barack Obama and has cancelled public funds for environmental protection. But in face of ultraconservative wave that sweeps certain sectors of United States, fear of many progressive groups is that new magistrate acts against historic sentence of Roe against Wade that in 1973 legalized abortion and was reaffirmed in 1992, among ors , by judge he replaces. Recently, Kavanaugh voted against a court decision that allowed an abortion of a minor, undocumented immigrant, who remained in police custody.

In 2016 election campaign, seeking favor of religious vote, Trump promised to nominate candidates for supreme who were critical of right to abortion. He n published a list of 25 names approved by conservative organizations. From this list came out in 2017 Neil Gorsuch, who unbalanced high court in favor of Conservatives. Kavanaugh's second.

The candidate's ratification will lead to unprecedented tension in American society. It cannot be surprising that a Democratic Representative considers vacancy in supreme "most important in at least one generation."

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