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TV3, a public chain to the service sovereignty

Now more than ever it is vital that public Media act independently to ensure balanced and plural information

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TV3, a public chain to the service sovereignty

The lack of independence is a poor endemic to public media, wher in state, regional or local levels. Televisions and radios have secularly obeyed orders of Government of turn acting as party's transmission belts in power and flaunting a blatant sectarianism. The inevitable result is a runaway loss of credibility.

Born in image and likeness of TVE, autonomic televisions inherited bad habits that prevailed in state. With greater or lesser impudence, his obsession with controlling information has led to indecent practices. The most notable: verdict of 2003 national audience who condemned TVE for not reporting with objectivity on a general strike. There have been, however, exceptions. For example: The Telemadrid directed by Francisco Giménez Alemán (during term of Alberto Ruiz Gallardón) offered impeccable coverage of demonstrations against Iraq war.

The law of creation of Catalan Corporació of Ràdio I Televisió (1983) establishes that its programming is inspired by " respect to principles that inform Spanish Constitution and Statute of Autonomy of Catalonia, and to rights and freedoms that in m are "Recognize and guarantee." It states that it will be governed by objectivity, veracity and impartiality of information, respect for freedom of expression, political, cultural, linguistic, religious and social pluralism, and promotion of Catalan language and culture.

Such principles seem to have vanished. News, political garings and even children's programs are truffled with sovereignty propaganda. Neir TV3 nor Catalunya Ràdio guarantee impartiality and objectivity that proclaims its founding law. On contrary: it strives to prop up independence with government's argument. The socialist José Bono sees it this way: "The coup government of Generalitat is one who gives instructions of what is to be done in news of media that controls." It also ensures that TV3 is a servile television in service of government, not of Catalonia, which tries every day to indoctrinate in a certain way. Sovereignty escalation has had a direct impact on audiences. In October, TV3 has increased screen share by 60% compared to average recorded in first nine months of year.

Finally, and thanks to an amendment submitted by Socialists in Senate, TV3 and Catalunya Ràdio will not be affected by article 155. But now more than ever must be required of Catalan public media to act independently and ensure truthful, objective, balanced and plural information. Commitments also to be met by RTVE, directed by a journalist appointed by PP. Both televisions should set counter to zero and operate, definitively, at service of (all) citizens.

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