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TV3 must be neutral

Catalan public media play their future in electoral coverage

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TV3 must be neutral

Catalan public media have lacked duty of impartiality and public service to which y are obliged. TV-3 and Catalunya Ràdio have been used as a propaganda tool for independentist ses, and ir programming has contributed to a biased view of reality. The absolute lack of plurality has resulted in a disproportionate weight of representatives of separatist ses in debates, always leaving in a minority those who are against procés. When it comes to selecting issues to be dealt with, priority has been given to interests of independence agenda, ignoring or issues that could be of interest to citizens. A good part of bias has been to endorse cause of any negative aspect to Spain.

As we have held or times in relation to TVE, radio and public television should not be an appendix of Government, nor act as a party transmission belt in power. Catalan public media have suffered periods of extreme partisanship and it is no coincidence that one of first steps taken by Government of Artur Mas on returning to Generalitat was to reverse reforms undertaken by tripartite government to avoid Government control of public media, something similar to what Mariano Rajoy did about reform approved by Government of Rodríguez Zapatero. Now, control of Catalan public media is in hands of parliamentary majority, and result has been evident with appointment of current director of TV-3, a militant of cause independence in whose appointment have weighed more ir positions Ideological than professional reasons.

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TV-3 is not only a partisan television. It's a television in service of a cause. The news about Procés not only monopolize informative, but all programming is marked by dialectic y/we, where everything related to m is usually negative, and everything related to us, positive. This approach impregnates from infantile spaces to ones of humour, in which sovereigntists are usually ridiculed in a kind manner, and spanishists, in a degrading way. The militant spirit has come to extreme of suspending satirical program Polònia by incarceration of several members of Government, alleging that that day y did not feel like laughing. The programming of TV-3 seeks to establish parameters of interpretation of reality favorable to independence; Hence resolution of Electoral board to stop referring to Carles Puigdemont as "president in Exile", obviating that he is ceased and has fled to evade justice.

The application of article 155 of Constitution toyed possibility of intervening in public media. It was not done because re was no consensus and for not giving rise to accusations of wanting to curtail freedom of expression. Catalonia is now facing crucial elections for her and for Spanish democracy. It is extremely important that public media respect plurality of Catalan society. We expect an exquisitely neutral coverage of election campaign. For good of society and for its own sake, for it will depend on its future.

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