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U.S. Treasury Department gets a list of sanctions against the Revolutionary Guard

The US Treasury ministry has covered Iran's revolutionary Guardians, the Presidential decree on Global terrorism, and the Sanctions Act against America's enemies.

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U.S. Treasury Department gets a list of sanctions against the Revolutionary Guard

The U.S. Treasury Department's Foreign Assets Control Office (OFAC), Iranian Revolutionary Guard Army (DMO), has been part of Presidential Decree on global Terrorism and Sanctions Act against America's enemies.

In a written statement from ministry, "OFAC, DMO, on 25 October 2007, according to presidential decree number 13224, Revolutionary Guards to help Jerusalem force to list of sanctions, Hezbollah, Hamas and Taliban to many terrorist organisations, including The list of sanctions has been given for help activities. "

In statement, DMO was recorded in training, personnel and equipment assistance to forces of Jerusalem.

The ministry has also announced that it has received four organisations that support DMO or Iranian army and help spread weapons of mass destruction to list of sanctions.


US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said in a statement that role of DMO is great when Iran is world's greatest terrorist supporter.

"Iran's pursuit of power has cost stability of region, and Treasury ministry will continue to use its powers to disrupt DMO's destructive activities," Mnuchin said.

There are four companies on list

The Ministry's sanctions list also included Iran's China-based import export company Wuhan Sanjan Company, including Iranian Revolutionary Guards, as well as Şahid Alamolhoda industry (SAI), which has played an important role in Iranian defence industry Taking.

The statement highlighted that Sai was added to sanctions list with reason that it was controlled by Iranian Naval Missile Industry Group (Saig).


A significant contribution to Iranian Army missile industry, Saig was added to list of sanctions by United Nations and European Union in 2010.

In addition to this, he was added to sanctions list of company of Fanamoj, which stated that he was umbrella provider of Rastafan Erteat Engineering Company and Rastafan, with justification of financial, material and technological support to Saig.

In addition, Wuhan Sanjan was also noted to impose sanctions with Iranian Defence Ministry's defense industry firm Shiraz Electronics Industry (SEI) for financial and technological assistance.

The statement noted that SEI has produced critical military technologies such as radar, microwave electron vacuum tubes, marine electronics, aviation control systems, training simulators and missile guidance systems for Iranian army, while Wuhan Sanjan also Since 2014, he has made hundreds of thousands of dollars in trade agreements with Sei.


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