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Uber recovers license to operate in London for 15 months

The transport regulator and the British capital had cancelled it for lack of corporate responsibility

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Uber recovers license to operate in London for 15 months

Uber, popular driver vehicle technology company, has regained its license to operate in London for a period of 15 months, after a court has considered that it has made necessary changes and that company is now " Qualified "and is" appropriate "to continue operating in British capital. In this way, American company is given right, after last September transport for London (TfL), organism that controls public transport, decided to refuse renewal of license when considering that it was not an operator "adequate and Right. "

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Last September, transport regulator in British capital refused to grant US company a license to operate for five years, arguing that Uber's conduct showed "lack of corporate responsibility in relation to several Issues that have potential implications for public safety. " Among se issues, TfL cited "ir attitude to reporting serious crimes" or "ir attitude in form of obtaining medical certificates", among or aspects.

The American company appealed decision. And although his license expired on September 30th, he has been able to continue operating in British capital while appeal process lasted. In ruling known this Tuesday — full sentence will not be made public predictably for a few days — Judge Emma Arbuthnot of Westminster Magistrates ' Court has ruled that Uber will be able to continue operating in London, subject to strict Conditions.

Following ruling, company, which accumulates 3.6 million customers in London, will have a provisional license for next 15 months. At that time, you will have to prove to TfL that it meets all requirements to operate in city. After that, you can apply for a standard five-year license.

This Monday, car rental company with driver has recognized in court that decision of TfL was "justified", but since n company has made "many changes" in its policies and staff to reverse that situation. TfL's attorney has reported that costs of case, which will be paid by US company, are 425,000 pounds (slightly over 482,200 euros).


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