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UGT calls for the lowest salary of the conventions to be 1,000 euros per month

Unions agree that the collective bargaining agreement does not collect a minimum wage increase

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UGT calls for the lowest salary of the conventions to be 1,000 euros per month

UGT will require in conventions to negotiate that lowest salary y collect is 1,000 euros per month. "For union will be a benchmark," said its secretary general, Pepe Alvarez, during a breakfast with press to mark priorities of his organization for 2018.

"It is a fair measure, employer recognizes that in this country can not live with a salary of 850 euros," Alvarez continued, referring to some old statements by President of CEOE, Juan Rosell, to justify his position.

This amount is well above, 35.9%, of 735.9 euros of interprofessional minimum wage, which is minimum legal amount that can be paid as a salary for those workers who are not covered by a collective agreement.

On collective bargaining agreement that trade unions and businessmen will begin to negotiate this week, UGT secretary General announced that in this round Centrals will not claim a pay band of wage increases with a minimum increase. What y will do is propose that a digit be set to serve as an orientation to negotiators of various conventions.

This is a significant change over what was claimed by UGT and CC OO in last year's negotiations, which ended without agreement. Then unions, basically by UGT's demand, maintained a position in which a red line was marked as a pay band that would pick up a minimum increase. They wanted to prevent it from happening as in 2015 and 2016, when average final increase was far from digit set as reference in agreement that marked increments of "up to a maximum of...%".

"In recent years re was no recommendation, but a maximum ceiling," Alvarez said. "It is about recovering guiding criteria of a general nature", has continued, without revealing what will be digit y are going to ask, "is already agreed with CC OO". "I'm not going to give digit, we'll give it toger," settled. It did clarify that it will be a figure that will take into account projected rise in inflation and productivity gains.

Anor element in which UGT number one has emphasized is gender equality and feminism. "We have decided way and will enter manifesto that Union is going to take this year to meet 130 years," he announced, "must go into all aspects of life of Union." UGT was founded in August 1888 in Barcelona.

One of points in which he emphasised is that he wants collective bargaining to adopt measures of equal gender, transparency and closure of wage gap between men and women. "If before end of year re is no progress in this regard, UGT will make a legislative proposal in this regard," Alvarez, who challenged CEOE to accept se kinds of measures: "It would be good for employer to advance."


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