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Unpopular republics and nothing Democratic

In China you can already applaud the president with the motive, but to vote or speak.

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Unpopular republics and nothing Democratic

With republics it passes as with some democracies, that more surnames y have, more we have to distrust m. The example of latter is very close. During Franco's regime, — a character who has now put so fashionable among ors that, at best, when dictator died still playing badges — re was a thing called organic democracy, which was to democracy what military music is to The music.

And for Republicans it serves same premise. There are some historical examples such as German Democratic Republic — which in Spain has a surprising number of defenders, nostalgic perhaps of wall or simply fans of anabolics in sport — which was called thus to differentiate itself from its neighboring The German Federal Republic. The latter was a place where it was voted, traveled and could be bought from everything in shops, while in his sister "democratic" none of this was possible, but we know — and we are proving it in our own flesh — that political language does not necessarily have to Responding to reality.

So more "democratic" and more "popular" more likely re is for a republic to be opposite. Republicans with real democracy don't need any more names.

With this true premise, it will not be difficult for reader to identify in following list — from present and next past — where re is freedom and where not. French Republic, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Italian Republic, People's Democratic Republic of Yemen, Republic of Ireland, People's Republic of China, Republic of Poland, People's Republic of Poland, Hungary, People's Republic of Hungary. And as for any rule re is an exception re is Republic of Cuba where regime has not wanted democracy not even in name. It has to be acknowledged that it has been coherent.

In addition to becoming qualifiers that do not correspond to m, such regimes are characterized by realization of all kinds of efforts to show happiness in which ir citizens live. Exceptionally, y sometimes show sadness, but this is always authoritative and pampered — or rar ordained — as when thousands of North Koreans are forced to weep disconsolately when ir leaders die. But usual thing is to try to show sincere gratitude that citizens of se countries have ir leaders. And in this People's Republic of China — re is anor China called Republic of China and applying previously exposed rule reader will already know what kind of regime it is — palm is being taken in sophistication. The latest is an application that allows mobile to applaud endless three and a half hours of speech that its leader gave maximum last week. The application measures how much one applauds and how intense, so government already knows who uses it and how. Voting won't vote, but y're going to get sick of giving phone.

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