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USA: Trump tests ban on permanent fire device

The US president is considering to complicate the arming of semi-automatic weapons because of the Los Angeles massacre. The arms lobby signals willingness to talk.

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USA: Trump tests ban on permanent fire device

After assassination of Las Vegas, US President Donald Trump has advocated banning of so-called permanent fire devices in weapons. This will happen soon, Trump said. Republican MPs have also shown mselves openly for a targeted tightening of weapons laws.

The devices on piston of semi-automatic weapons allow you to shoot at speeds like automatic. Among 50 secured firearms of assassin of Las Vegas were twelve with such a device. So it was possible for him to fire thousands of shots into crowd of a Countrymusikfestival and kill 58 people. Nearly 500 more people were injured.

The influential arms lobby NRA (National Rifle Association) signalled that it would not oppose such a move. The US authorities would have to check immediately wher apparatus for conversion of semi-automatic to fully automatic weapons is in federal law, it is said in a statement of NRA. She believes that se devices should be subject to "furr regulation".

The sale of automatic weapons has been largely banned in US since 1980s. The device for conversion of semi-automatic firearms, so-called "bump stock", is legally to be acquired.

Barack Obama had failed with repeated attempts to tighten gun right at opposition of Republicans in Congress. The fact that Trump is constrained by extensive restrictions on private gun ownership is considered unlikely.


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