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We can, the Ni-ni of politics

The party of Pablo Iglesias takes refuge in an almost always contradictory ambiguity in the Catalan crisis

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We can, the Ni-ni of politics

Good Day Republic! The BOE says Misa: The president of Catalan Republic is Puigdemont, wrote in social networks last Saturday deputy autonomic Ángels Martínez Castells. It is same as in plenary of Catalan parliament of September 6 that passed law of referendum withdrew Spanish flags of seats of popular group. Martínez Castells, contrary to what might appear, is not a member of independence bloc, but of Podem, brand of We can in Catalonia. And first doubt that his gesture raises is if he has not been mistaken for band in a Spanish party. In his favour, it must be said that in this crisis unleashed by independence, we can only raise doubts. Its position in Catalan crisis is of an irritating and contradictory ambiguity.

The Secretary general of We can, Pablo Iglesias, celebrated last day, last September 11, in Santa Coloma de Gramanet. There he spoke of a new majority for Catalonia, as if to reject n (independence), to, in a row, ensure that re is also to throw Popular party (minority in opposition) and end with a bewildering cry: "Visca Catalunya Lliure ". Did you mean Pablo Iglesias that re is no freedom in Catalonia? Because if so should not admonish anti-capitalist or leader of Podem Albano Dante Fachín, sympathizers with cause secessionist. Already said former vice-president of Generalitat Oriol Junqueras, who would like to ally with Dante for his "unequivocal commitment to freedom and justice."

It says churches to be in favor of a referendum to know what Catalans want. You're not worth autonomous elections? Iglesias constantly expresses its interest in a plural Spain for which we can work, but always paddles in favor of independence that wants to disintegrate "farland" that says so much to estimate. For example, it does not criticize secessionists, although among m re is a party so conservative and so splashed by corruption as PP to which both attacks in any circumstance.

Churches is in this crisis policy neir: nor DUI (Unilateral declaration of Independence) nor 155. On way he keeps rowing. It embraces "right to decide" trap and qualifies two secessionist leaders imprisoned by a "political prisoners" judge. If both sympathize with cause of Puigdemont and his, it is not understood that yesterday he described as "regrettable" fact that Rajoy is, in his eyes, "a machine to generate independence." An important founder of We can, Carolina Bescansa, has raised voice exposing itself to purges of apparatus. "I would like a we can talk more to Spain and Spaniards and not just independence," he said. But at this point, leaders of we can have shown how far y are able to squander political force of a formation born of refreshing movement of outraged. They blur ir objectives and raise an essential doubt: who do y represent?

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