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' We will also make consumers happy ' at meat prices.

Minister of Food, agriculture and livestock Dr. Ahmet Esref Fakıbaba said that at the price of meat, they have plans to satisfy both the manufacturer and the consumer and the tradespeople, saying they will maintain balance.

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' We will also make consumers happy ' at meat prices.

In order to make a series of contacts, food, agriculture and Livestock Minister Dr. Ahmet Ashraf Fakıbaba visited Provincial Directorate of Food, Agriculture and livestock. He n visited governor of Yozgat, Minister Fakıbaba, where journalists answered questions. Facing question asked about red meat, Fakibaba said y would protect balance by preserving both manufacturer and tradesman and citizens ' interests, saying, "I've always been saying this since day I came. We will be with both manufacturer and industrialist, Tradesperson and last side of consumer, and we will observe balance. We're going to do a regulation mission on market. For example, I'll tell you simplest. We're giving regular manufacturer $3 to 70 cents because we got fattening animal cheaper than 95 cents a year. 25 cents, we dropped nothing from m, "he said.


The manufacturer expresses what y want to please, "we will protect our production, we will protect industrialists from one side. But we have plague of 80 million people who have right to eat meat, and we will protect it. But in doing so, it will be a balanced boiler win. So it's never a one-sided win. Everyone will sacrifice. When it is sacrifice, a balanced gain is achieved. This is very important for our religion and for our country and for our future. Look, our four sides are surrounded by enemies and we're fighting. At first, Mr. President, we are fighting everywhere. So our poor Fukara will eat meat. The right of course. 50 pounds He can't eat a flesh of a poor fukara. We have to think about that. In doing so, we respect manufacturer. We believe he should win, and we will observe se balances, "he said.


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