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What if the ATM attend you a person and not a machine?

The Asturian company ARPPA Designs, manufactures and program devices with personal attention for banks and ticket sales

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What if the ATM attend you a person and not a machine?

— Hello, Good morning

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Hello. What can I do for you?

— I wanted to make an income/pay this receipt/credit this tax/apply for a loan/update my Notebook (and so, most bank transactions).

Perfect. May I see your ID?


The conversation takes place at Liberbank branch of Zocodóver Square in Toledo, but it is not with a bank employee. In fact, next sentence in sequence is "proudly to screen". Because we spoke with a remote agent, who really is in Oviedo, at headquarters of ARPPA Technologies, a Asturian company that has found its niche in technology of distance assistance. The agent/Assistant not only directs operations, but actually performs m, as if it were bank cashier. It also indicates to client different devices of machine where to insert documents, money or printed ones. The client, meanwhile, sits in front of a machine with a horse-like appearance between ATM and desk, located at entrance of branch.

"All Is ours; The design of machine, engineering, software, "explains Eladio Junceda, engineer and one of founders of ARPPA. In fact, even operators are irs, since it is ARPPA that hires m and way in management of terminal and, according to each company that contracts with m, in particular operations of each one. Between manufacturing, technological development and contact center operators, ARPPA has more than 150 employees.

Junceda launched what is now ARPPA (remote assistants for points of Care) in 1999, although it was n a technology consultancy. His philosophy is that many people, especially of a certain age, still perceive technology as a barrier, do not trust it, do not dominate it, or simply need attention and empathy of a human being. "Not only elderly, everyone prefers to have contact with a human," says Junceda, accompanied by Felipe Díaz Miranda, architect, responsible for technical homologations of terminals. And he illustrates his ory with Almudena's anecdote, as travelers nicknamed first ticket vending machine at bus station in Oviedo: "They called her that because that was name of girl who helped people manage machine. Without that girl, machine was useless, nobody wore it. "

In times of artificial intelligence and virtual assistants like Apple's Siri or Amazon's Alexa, more and more sophisticated, in ARPPA are convinced that we will still have to wait "a good handful of years" for se systems to be able to give an adequate response To all doubts or needs of a customer as a person can do. "The ability of a human being to suggest, advise, convince, or generate confidence gains by landslide, at least for time being, to technology," says Junceda. And he adds, "it will surely be many years before y get a" replicator "as a financial advisor."

The six machines installed in Toledo do not allow money to be taken for time being, but not because it is not possible, but because entity has not required that service. But it can perform all or banking operations, about 50, because it is integrated into Liberbank system, which promotes service with denomination Liberfácil.

The entity product of merger of Cajastur, Caja de Extremadura, Caja Castilla-La Mancha and Caja Cantabria has already about thirty of se machines installed and a contract to launch anor 150 in Spain until end of 2018 with Asturian company, which It expects to invoice this year two million euros, for 1.3 of 2016. Banking is not only business where your devices are already underway. Transport companies such as ALSA, Grupo Samar or Avanzabus (buses) or shipping company Fred Olsen (ferries) are already selling tickets, canceling reservations or reporting schedules, connections or routes in or 60 terminals ARPPA designed for your own business. Junceda explains that ir machines adapt to any customer service of any company.

Junceda and Diaz defend ir idea with passion and propose it as a solution for those thousands of people who are running out of branches – 48% of municipalities no longer have a bank. The entity would only need a small space to install machine and hire services and hours of care you want, with a minimum of 40 hours per week. The maintenance and operators are run by ARPPA, which offers service also in English or or languages. "And if re are problems of labor disputes or absenteeism will be ours," adds Junceda. It also underlines security in case of cash dispensers. "At slightest suspicion of robbery or any problem, our operator will interrupt service," says Diaz, who assures that bank terminals have exceeded all official technical and safety approvals.

ARPPA not only designs and programs terminals. "We also manufacture and design and order, if we need, components to suppliers mostly Spanish. And we assemble m, "Diaz explains. "Right now we have capacity to manufacture hundreds of machines a year, we have capacity and technology to cover almost any challenge," architect launches, pointing to a couple of projects to go out to Scotland and Mexico. If this is case, it claims to have no problem hiring and forming local teams of operators or maintenance technicians where necessary.

Your terminals do not include any menus that have to be handled by user. "We want customers not to have to do anything, that's what operator is for." There is only one exception: The four touch buttons in end satisfaction survey and interactive screens for deaf or dumb people. So far ir machines accumulate, after 600,000 operations, a score of 3.96 over 4 and no claim. "We have never seen any customers thank a machine but with ARPPA that's usual," presumes Junceda.


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