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What we think of the motion of censure of the PSOE

We gather the editorials and analysis on the motion of censure presented by the Socialist Party to the government of Mariano Rajoy

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What we think of the motion of censure of the PSOE
EditorialesSin fear of urns (28/05/2018)

The Spanish motion of censure requires presentation of a candidate to replace leader in power and, in this sense, initiative of PSOE adjusts to what law dictates. But necessary agreement is lacking, and new president of Generalitat, Mr., is already demanding conditions for vote of his own to Sanchez. It's suicidal to explore that path.

A national Pact (27/05/2018)

The moment is critical and opposition parties are obliged to try to resolve in time and form a crisis that only Rajoy and his own have aggravated. The mistrust and dissatisfaction of Spaniards regarding ir democracy and ir political system are above European average and ruling party has a huge responsibility in all of this.

Early elections (26/05/2018)

The least harmful for political and economic stability is to force an electoral advancement as soon as possible. It is premature to pronounce on best instrument to achieve that end, but what is certain is that main political forces should be able to reach agreement on that.

Analysis The voice of Iñaki | It doesn't seem unviable anymore. Why does PSOE agree to elections? by José Ignacio Torreblanca

The PSOE has before it an unbeatable opportunity to compete successfully against PP, citizens and we can. So strange that he prefers to accept support of United we can, ERC, PdeCAT and PNV to reach government, which would take him again from center where y win elections and move him to nationalist left where y are lost.

Rajoy will lose motion even if it wins; by Berna González Harbour

The most interesting thing about motion of censure that Pedro Sanchez has posed is not for moment who wins it or who loses it, but has dynamited strange comfort zone in which all parties had been installed, forcing to articulate new strategies in Terr Hostile Itorio.

Sanchez's error that will benefit Rajoy; by José Ignacio Torreblanca

If PSOE does not manage to add 176 deputies to its motion of censure, political crisis will be over and Rajoy can rightly say that he has passed cleanly motion that sought to censure his Government and can continue to govern, even for moment.

Motion.... against citizens; by Teodoro León Gross

With stage adjusting hour by hour-today between prisons of Gürtel and qualification of table of Congress-and of course very polarized but with citizens elevated to enemy in all axes, it seems clear that role of arbitrators passes by nationalists. They know, as citizens, that ir decision will pursue m. If for those is to vote with separatists or not?, for m is to contribute to get Rajoy or not?

Credibility, legitimacy, authority... by Javier Ayuso

The best solution to serious Spanish political crisis is to go through ballot box as soon as possible. and bearing in mind that only one who can call elections is a president of government that has declared his intention to endure four years of legislature, we will have to use or possibility that gives Spanish Constitution: The motion of censure.

The time of PSOE; by Fernando Vallespín

The big question is wher PSOE will manage to recover lost votes towards we and citizens or if y will continue to be adding to already thick contingent of socialist exvotees who are placed in abstention. The occasion to recover m is re, lack to know to take advantage of it. Now more than ever this party depends on itself. Will he still see balls coming or will he dare to go up to net?

Second chance for a mistake; by Carlos Yárnoz

It's obvious that legislature is finished. That ballot boxes are only way out. But right away, because Sanchez has no time and no right partners for his grand goals. If it does not rectify and promises elections for September, it will be Rivera and PNV who will be ahead. It would be second shot in feet, which would keep him from walking.

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