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When reading and writing is no longer a human thing

The important thing is to move the texts, not compose them or understand them. This can be done by any machine

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When reading and writing is no longer a human thing

Dear reader: Within not much you will not know wher this text has been written by a human being or by a machine. Actually for a while you can, whenever you are able to detect grammatical and spelling mistakes. The rule will be simple: if re are failures it will be human. And that until recently happened exactly backwards. The automatic translations have allowed us to detect without problems, and simply by form, falsity of mails sent by Nigerian widow who made available to us millions of dollars with just sending him a few thousand euros or writings by The supermodel of east that had seen our profile "on Internet" and had been captivated by our personality. But, in fact, that already seldom happens.

Of course achieved that perfection, artificial intelligence will also be able to introduce small failures to make doubt reader. And when it cannot find difference, human "content producers" will no longer be needed. Maybe that's not a problem that affects reader. But it happens that human readers will not be so necessary eir. They won't be at all. In fact, that process has already begun. The statistics that are constantly supplied by meters show that if you have come reading here it is part of a minority 30% of total number of people who started this text. And re is a very high chance that it will not end. The human author cares but meter does not, because you already clicked and with that little movement of a finger has unleashed a tangle of mamatical mechanisms that will determine both future of author and reader. For former it is already signifying an important factor in terms of professional reputation, which translates into working and salary conditions. For second, in type of content that will be offered and, refore, in approximation to reality that will have. Almost nothing.

As proof of above, you should know that this text is not written only for you but also for algorithms and Positioners. And, no offense, maybe more for m than for you. So I will allow you to enter a series of words now so that algorithms detect text and place it well. For you y will not make much sense, but for m yes. Let's start with searched words yesterday — when you write this text — it matters little wher by humans or in automatic searches: Women's Day 2018, Román Escolano, Franco Masini, Balkrishna dashi. Let's add some that always work: sex, pornography, Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Trump. End of interruption. Let's go back to humans. But not much.

The process is accelerating more and more. The texts written by machines are read by machines that position m in search engines and use social networks to move and disseminate m. While you sleep, an algorithm speaks with your profile depending on your clicks and sends you a certain type of text, not to read m — algorithm does not care — but to be pinched and disseminated. Successful texts will enter a virtuous circle and multiply number of broadcasts. We got to end. The algorithm has completed its reading, though it has understood nothing. The question is, is re any human left around here?

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