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When the anti-establishment is also the system

The sovereignty occupies the street and staged the rebellion, but it also makes with the connivance of the system resources and bureaucratic

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When the anti-establishment is also the system

The sovereignty occupies street and staged rebellion, but it also makes with connivance of system and resources bureaucratic

A paradox of crisis separatist consists in that positions of order, respect constitutional shyness and democratic have become a movement anti-establishment, but devoid of liturgy, and expressions that characterize entire subversion.

The sovereignty occupies street and staged rebellion, but it also makes with connivance of system resources and bureaucratic. This explains helplessness of “unionismo” and of his apparent trance. Independence takes up all space and continues with all methods: revolt and repressive means, insubordination and privileges institutional. Unlike passivity constitutionalist, hyperactivity of sovereignty, your muscle popular, come not as a story, but of a plot by religious-emotional, which transcends dynamics of parties and that it is induced from power itself, subordinating any hint of discrepancy and relativizing effort outside of poke head in habitat hostile: it mobilizes one to change things, not to proclaim fervent adherence to everyday life.

In fact, sovereignty is a movement that is structured, with all organizational details, media propaganda, of apparatus, of solidarity and sentimental value of cohesion full of pride and evil at same time that involves starting a project sublime: a homeland novel, a dream of territory, discovery of a promised land and virginal.

The Catalan unionist can hardly object to similar illusions of virtues and miseries of conventional life. The old Spain. The new Europe. You do not have a hymn convincing nor a victim-hood, bringing toger abstract world of Catalan as “passive”, but neir can be exceeded in your way of thinking or behaving. The non-independence are removed and until represaliado exhibition space of his moods and positions. Predominates coercion or intimidation of thinking orwise.

And evidence of a society fractured, not only in Parliament, but in families, it establishes dialectic of a dominant position, an apparatus, a system, independence, and a subordinate position, “ or”, even more so when claim to champion a position of identity enriched, very Catalan and Spanish at same time, suffers loss of prestige of leaders, who were concerned with upholding. It takes hard work to be placed behind Rajoy to emphasise enthusiasm of territorial unit. In reality, unionismo is not organized because you can't be pregnant. It is a lay movement, in or words, an individual matter. And it is not even a feeling. The greatest risk that would face hypotical call for a large demonstration against independence would be in precarious situation of figures. And this is precisely not a minority constitutionalism (it looks like a brusque remark). What we are told in last election shaping up that 52% of Catalan population opted for options not nationalists. And vote, that we know, is best way to get out to street, most civilized, most eloquent.

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