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When the revolution rushed into Russia

On October 25, 1917 the Bolsheviks gave a botched coup d'etat and conquered the power

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When the revolution rushed into Russia

Never a script is easily imposed. Circumstances can touch it a thousand times, and even misrepresent it, so result ends up not looking anything like initial project. Everyone knows it from ir own experience: it is rare that things come out as y were expected. The same thing happens in history. On 23 February 1917 (8 March in Gregorian calendar, which is currently being used in most of world), International Women's Day was held in Russia. So a multitude of m marched towards centre of Petrograd (present-day Saint Petersburg) to reclaim what y n felt most urgently: peace, that ir children would not die on fronts of World War I, to return home.

It is true that those women were accompanied by people of most diverse ideologies and with most varied claims, in ir march towards Neva. That's how it all started. The mobilizations happened in following days. There were clashes with law enforcement, looting, dead. The insurgents were becoming more and more and better organized. On Monday 27 There was talk of revolution. Some well-organized groups took strategic places and ors came to palace of Tauride. In midst of chaos was created Soviet of Petrograd. On March 2, monarchy fell and republic was imposed. A provisional government took power.

There were months of indefinition in which two powers that looked sideways were conlived. Every decision of provisional Government was questioned by Soviet, who, however, was reluctant to take reins of situation. "They were given power without responsibility, while provisional Government took responsibility without power," said Orlando Figes. "The war had lasted too long," historian n says, "people were tired of queuing half night to get bread and re was a general feeling in factories and in barracks that status quo could no longer be endured." The Bolsheviks realized that ir time had come and on 10 October y placed armed uprising on ir agenda.

Trotsky, who was in command in those days, recommended 24th day "discipline and patience", but on 25 (November 7, in Gregorian calendar) Lenin arrived at rooms where Bolsheviks were, threw his screed and gave order to start insurrection. Figes: "The Great socialist revolution of October, as it came to be called in Soviet mythology, was actually a small-scale event, which in fact did not go from being a military coup, which proved unnoticed to vast majority of inhabitants of Petrograd ". It was also a botched. They could have solved it in six hours, and y needed anor 15.

The peace demanded by women of February (and which Lenin used so much) came a little later, but it was not long before civil war erupted. The freedom for which so many fought became a vast and cruel dungeon. But re are still some who still believe in myth.

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