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Where are we going?

Explain the government your scenario to the Catalan challenge, talk to the citizens

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Where are we going?

Regardless of how each of us evaluates audience's car that dictated unconditional prison for two main activists of sovereignty revolt, re are certain democratic principles that we should all abide by.

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The main one is that separation of powers, a requirement of rule of law, requires recognizing and respecting independence of each of m and, refore, abiding by judicial rulings. This does not imply always agree — that is why democracies arbitrate channels to resort to decisions of judges. It is forgotten by independenceists when y mix different actions of each of powers in a totum revolutum of a allegedly hostile state. Conversely, ors are attributed dividends of actions of or powers.

Secessionism should avoid fallacious construction of a general case whereby it would be pursued by coordinated dictatorial powers, who would treat Catalonia as a subjugated country to claim a community-backed secession International. Enough of this crude manipulation that is damaging exterior image of Spain! If defendants blocked judicial police or not, relying on crowd by m summoned and in alleged commission of serious crimes against public order, we will have to elucidate it in judicial scene. In no case, of course, we would be faced with crimes of opinion that would make m, as Pablo Iglesias and ors unbelievably point out, in political prisoners. Already it is well of trivializing terms like dictatorship, fascism or oppression. Spain is a democracy, and — as Constitutional Court's ruling on Referendum Act indicates — is in Catalonia where Govern and Parlament have de facto suspended democratic rights of citizens and jeopardized ir liberties.

That said, Government should not expect judicial decisions to solve political problems present. The judges decide on crimes. They cannot and should not solve political problems. We are facing a serious crisis of constitutional system: coexistence fails, law is broken and power is not able to restore constitutional order. Although originally caused by legislative coup of autonomic power — very well described in yesterday's ruling of Constitutional Court —, as twin and inseparable characteristics of Constitution of 1978, fissure of One risks fracturing or.

The main problem facing Spain today is how to restore legality; The extent to which instruments to be used are provided; How to combine firmness and weighting; What should be immediate scenario — and subsequent — to use of compulsory redriving measures of a community installed in disobedience. And all of that is direct responsibility of government. With support of Spanish and Catalan constitutionalist political forces, of course, but under leadership of government. Knowing that secessionism proposes illegality, causes flight of companies and encourages chaos, where exactly does government want to lead us? Where are we going? How and what do you intend to use article 155 of Constitution? Mr Rajoy: You claim with all right support that any democratic ruler deserves in circumstances like present, but tell us: what is your plan? How do you intend to get us out of this? Do not blur after letters and institutions. Explain in detail and clarity. How, if not, will it require maximum support from citizens, indispensable to preserving democracy?

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