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Where there is a good fire that will take away the smiles

Arran burning flags of Spain, France and Europe. A very old tradition of spain.

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Where there is a good fire that will take away the smiles

Arran burning flags of Spain, France and Europe. A very old tradition of spain.

The deputy French Samantha Cazebonne has protested strongly because during a demonstration of Diada organized by organization Arran, akin to CUP, a few hooded men burned a flag —se last four words make us jump without being able to avoid summers of several years ago— French. Cazebonne, which belongs to party of president and Emmanuel Macron, The Republique in le Marche, has condemned act, stressing that tricolour is “a symbol of freedom and democracy”, and has demanded that burning does not go unpunished. In similar terms it is pronounced counsellor consular French in Barcelona, Raphäel Chambat.

re have Also been criticisms of burning of Spanish flag on part of Spanish politicians, it must be said, less shocked this time by usual and no doubt more burned by judicial decisions — last, in April of this precisely on Day of 2016— that recently filed in se cases. Finally, note that poor flag of Europe has not left no one to defend it, which indicates in your case or an unlikely full prevalence of right to freedom of expression, or a likely reluctance whatsoever for what it stands for. Poor Schumann and Adenauer.

When y occur, se situations always arises eternal discussion about limits of freedom of expression and respect to symbols. And inevitably re are those who call for a judgment of Supreme Court of united STATES that allows you to burn flag of stars and stripes. As if y cared to Arran, to deputy Cazebonne and spirit of Schumann's what y said nine gentlemen with toga in Washington. Instead of focusing on passive subject of action, flag, go to active: fire.

he Sang Serrat, what of “what would I do if I was born in Mediterranean” and is certainly very Mediterranean and very iberian to end meetings at which temperature rises —holiday or not— with a good fire burning something or someone. In this we have a deep-rooted tradition common in Peninsula and on shores of Mare Nostrum. Da like burn Rome, library of Alexandria, portraits of rulers in Cairo, ninots in Valencia, garbage containers in Zumaia or horns of a bull in Sant Jaume d'enveja. As said Seneca: fire test gold. And also test or things.

This fire test, for example, that re are those who, from interior of process Catalan, do not believe in this revolution of smiles that is proclaimed every day from Generalitat. Burn symbols —even though, or because, it is considered outside— as if y were Alice Cooper on pyre is not exactly something festive. There are those who, as deputy Cazebonne, see se pieces of fabric, scorched —and or similar— symbols of freedom and democracy and those who, as I said Tolstoy, when crossing a forest, y see only wood for fire.

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