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With high export potential

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With high export potential

Antalya Commodity Exchange (ATB) Chairman of Board, Ali Bell 206% thousands marked geographical local products local products fair (YOREX) bulusturduk said, "re is potential for export of local products of 100 billion TL in Turkey. If we give 2,500 geographical indication for our product, we will have a share of 100 billion TL commercial," he said.

dear, on side that is stuck into commercial life of products, to gain employment in place, especially with women and Young said y are working to improve labour production. In this context, Local Development Initiative was launched voicing is hurt, rooms held in Antalya Expo Center ANFAŞ yorex bulusturduk expressed in product and flavors of 70.


thanks to a substantial increase in number of products marked geographic yorex is hurt is notable, product marked at beginning of fair in Turkey, said that he had gone to 109 number of geographical 206.

Bell, geo-marked products, an important market in world, pointing, said:

"that's because we're behind a lot of it before tescilleyip in our own country, n abroad to tescillemel by making a price difference of 20-30 percent minimum, we need to introduce people of Earth. 100 billion liras in Turkey, re is potential for export of local products. If we give 2,500 geographical indication for our product, we will have a share of 100 billion TL commercial. Current geographic has a value of around 10 billion pounds of our products marked. This is very little. Make serious cash too much less than this number of products in world with marked geographic."


in describing life of flavors yorex registered in all regions of Turkey, "in Turkey, this is like DNA, each region has different regional products are re," he said.


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