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Zuckerberg concedes

The creator of Facebook admits to Congress an Internet regulation

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Zuckerberg concedes

The appearance for two consecutive days of Mark Zuckerberg, founder and president of Facebook, before committees in both chambers of United States Congress has generated a justified expectation both by statements in sessions and by what The act itself represents.

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The presence of leader of largest and most influential social network on a global scale — 2.2 billion users — before Parliament of most powerful democracy on planet constitutes perfect image of importance that use of Internet and scope and Influence of social networks represent for global society.

The creator of Facebook appeared first on Tuesday before Committee of Commerce, Science and Transport of Senate to give explanations on massive filtering of personal data of 87 million of users of its social network through consultancy Cambridge Analytica. This leak allegedly interfered with outcome of 2016 presidential election in which President Donald Trump was elected.

This scandal and or constant practices for which social network channel is being used — such as mass dissemination of false news in order to interfere with political processes — have again put need to provide a framework Regulation to an Internet activity that has become gigantic, both in economic and political terms and even in its influence on way of life of its users.

Yesterday, on its second day of appearance, this time before members of Committee of Commerce of House of Representatives, American businessman recognized that some kind of regulation is necessary, although it warned that, in his opinion, if measures that are Adopt are too restrictive can slow industry growth.

News of users ' personal data leaks have generated concern among network supporters and have had repercussions on stock market. In fact, Facebook's actions plummeted after revelation of Cambridge Analytica case. In his statement to members of Senate, Zuckerberg presented concrete measures of Facebook to better identify false and automated accounts, usually susceptible to be used in uninformed maneuvers. After acknowledging mistakes — which he personally assumed — in management of privacy, he assured that re is a control in his network. Some senators were skeptical, but company increased its value by 4% in market in a few hours.

Both Facebook and or Internet giants must make mechanisms to protect privacy of ir users extreme and better. The data of those who daily access services offered by se companies are being revealed as invaluable elements of political influence. And just as Zuckerberg toned his particular mea culpa, Facebook users should also assume that it is necessary to invest a few minutes in making necessary privacy settings that are offered as an option.

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