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Alfonso Dastis considers the desire of the venezuelan Government to maintain a dialogue with the opposition

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Alfonso Dastis considers the desire of the venezuelan Government to maintain a dialogue with the opposition

The minister of Foreign Affairs Spanish has met today with his venezuelan counterpart in Madrid

Dastis, expresses its concern about situation of political prisoners, Spanish, among m Yon Goicoechea

Government and opposition of Venezuela to meet with Zapatero, and president of Dominican Republic

The minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Spanish, Alfonso Dastis, has met today with his venezuelan counterpart, Jorge Arreaza, in Madrid and at request of latter, and he has said that "it is not enough that venezuelan Government expressed its desire to maintain a dialogue with opposition".

In reference to new rapprochement between Government ofNicolas Maduro and opposition, Spanish minister, as reported by Ministry of Foreign Affairs through a press release, considered that "it is essential that concrete in a process without delay, of negotiations that result in agreements with concessions concrete and with guarantees of fulfillment of agreements reached".

through her Twitter account, has released a message on same page of press release. Dastis has supported "a democratic solution and negotiated in Venezuela," and has desired that "contacts with opposition to allow a solution to serious crisis venezolana, respectful of Constitution, rule of law and human rights".

#Support a democratic solution and negotiated in #Venezuela ...1/2

? Alfonso Dastis (@AlfonsoDastisQ) September 13, 2017

I Wish that contacts with opposition to allow solution to grave crisis in venezuelan respectful of Constitution legality and #human rights 2/2

? Alfonso Dastis (@AlfonsoDastisQ) September 13, 2017

In anor statement released by Ministry of Popular Power for Foreign Affairs of Venezuela, it has been reported that Arreaza stressed in meeting " inconvenience of protecting sectors to sabotage dialogue and promote violence, since support is required sincere dialogue". The minister in venezuela also welcomed support given by Dastis in process sponsored by Dominican Republic president, Danilo Medina, and former President Rodríguez Zapatero.

As has informed Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Spanish minister has indicated to Arreaza that Spain is following with interest what is happening in Latin american country and that it supports "everything that contributes to reconciliation and prosperity of venezuelan people," and "help forge a deal that ensures full respect for venezuelan Constitution and rule of Law." For its part, Arreaza has expressed Dastis " need to build relations on basis of respect for principles of cooperation, international law, non-interference in internal affairs and self-determination of peoples".

The venezuelan side has shown its concern for " wrong vision about reality of venezuela is projected in Spain, which has resulted in numerous declarations against Bolivarian Government and of Constituent Process in our country."

In meeting, which according to Foreign has elapsed in terms of swiss and respectful, Dastis has also been interested in situation of political prisoners spaniards in Venezuela, particularly, has focused on case of Yon Goicoechea, a member of voluntad Popular, who suffers imprisonment in The Helicoide from a year ago, despite fact that since last October re is a judicial order of release. He has also made reference to his concern for more than 7,000 pensioners venezuelan venezuelan residents in Spain from January 2016 do not receive ir benefits on part of Venezuelan Institute of Social Insurance (IVSS). Although according to Association of Pensioners and Retirees, Venezuelans, of Community of Madrid (ASOPEJUVECMA), situation is even more serious, because retirees-who do not receive benefits of IVSS, but of agencies for which y worked - is not charge from July 2015.

In statement from venezuelan side, no mention is made to se issues. Arreaza, in addition to broadcast some images of event in Twitter, it has also expressed through same social network that meeting had been "cordial and sincere".

Warm and sincere meeting with Minister of Foreign Affairs of Spain, Alfonso Dastis. Move forward in relationships of respect and work

? Jorge Arreaza M (@jaarreaza) September 13, 2017

In search of a new dialogue

Government and opposition will meet today in Dominican Republic after accepting invitation of president of that country, Danilo Medina, and former head of Spanish Executive, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, to explore possibilities of resuming dialogue failed so far. The conversations today are third attempt to use this mechanism to seek a solution for Venezuela. The last time that you opted for this route was in December of 2016, also with Zapatero as one of mediators of Union of south American Nations (Unasur), along with former dominican president Leonel Fernandez and panama's Martin Torrijos.

The voltage is maximum at this point, after starting this summer, Constituent Assembly of Mature, rejected widely by international community, and denies all powers of National Assembly's majority opposition, chosen at ballot box in 2015. In addition, next 15 of October will take place on elections regional in Venezuela, for which opposition began to prepare last Sunday with convocation of primary, in which Democratic Action, Henry Ramos Allup came out victorious. A complicated 'fight', because 20 of 23 governorships at stake are now in hands of chavez.

Arreaza is doing a european tour, which took him on Monday to Geneva (Switzerland) to appear before Human Rights Council of United Nations, reported, Servimedia, and where he inveighed against agency for lying about repression in marches of opposition -which extend from end of April and we already have left 125 dead. Yesterday, after his meeting with French minister of Foreign Affairs, Jean-Yves Le Drian, when met by surprise -some voices of opposition refused to know news - appointment of today in Dominican Republic.

Just a week ago that president of Spanish Government, Mariano Rajoy, and Dastis met with leader of National Assembly of Venezuela, Julio Borges, who asked for help for his country does not become a "franchise cuban". Then Borges ruled out possibility of a negotiation between Maduro administration and opposition, because "no conditions". However, he himself will lead group of spokesmen who come to meeting proposed by Rodríguez Zapatero, and Medina. On part of Government, will, Jorge Rodríguez.

Rajoy indicated n through a communiqué that it "will continue to promote adoption by European Union of restrictive measures, individual and selective, against those responsible for current repression." The head of european diplomacy, Federica Mogherini, said last Friday that "in coming days" could be discussed how Member States could respond to crisis of Latin american country. The US has already adopted measures against Venezuela, including penalties to Mature and some of his closest collaborators.

tour conducted by Borges and Freddy Guevara, vice-president of Parliament, was also expected to come to Lilian Tintori, wife of political prisoner Leopoldo López, but chavez prevented from leaving country by finding m in your car a high sum of cash that linked with an alleged money laundering. After this trip, Mature asked to prosecute president of National Assembly, among or opponents, by "treason to farland".

During trip, opponents also met with French president, Emmanuel Macron, German chancellor Angela Merkel, and british prime minister, Theresa May.


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