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Before and after Irma, the Virgin islands have changed color

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Before and after Irma, the Virgin islands have changed color

L'HURRICANE Irma has left deep scars in most of caribbean islands that he encountered along way. The dead were at least 36 and buildings were swept away like a house of cards. The same fate of buildings seems to have happened to vegetation, which covers a large part of se corners of paradise on earth. A' or wound well also apparent from satellite images. From bright green to brown off. L'eye of probes Nasa has photographed british Virgin islands and or islands surrounding it, such as Antigua and Barbuda, at a distance of a few day. On August 25, images of Landsat 8, Terra and Aqua, show covered by bright green of forests. Less than ten days has given way to a brown off.After Irma, Caribbean, changed ir colour: images from satellite Between 6th and 7th of September, l'hurricane Irma is a past here. The clouds meanwhile, you are reduced, and new step of satellites, and on September 10, that green is not; it remained for most of più nothing. According to Nasa experts, that have published fotoconfronto on site dedicated to'observation of Earth with images from space, violence of winds, who touched 300 miles to'now when Irma was still at his full power (category 5), have ripped off all leaves, and uprooted trees, leaving much of ground uncovered.D'agreement with this reading è Pietro Alessandro Brivio, associated research, all'Institute for electromagnetic sensing of ' environment (Irea) of Cnr, an expert on satellite imagery: “although to be certain it takes images più detailed, maybe because it'infrared è likely that part of leaf, not trunk, it was all taken away. The green that we see in photo from satellite is chlorophyll contained in leaves. Since re is no più leaves torn by violence of 'hurricane we see this brown color”.

Hurricane #Irma is breaking ??s and records. Here in #Tortola, #VirginIslands Via @CLIMATEwBORDERS #climatechange

— A Climate Change (@UNFCCC) September 8, 2017 ",È interesting to note – continues Brivio – such as difference between two islands of Barbuda and Antigua. Unlike Barbuda, Antigua seems to have kept same tone of green, as if it had remained on margins of phenomenon. Also to north of Barbuda you will note a clear strip in 'water, a long, maybe 20 kilometers. It's probably mud and debris, sediment, suspended, brought to sea by currents".According to experts Nasa, phenomenon may have been exacerbated by sea salt, raised toger in 'water of ' ocean, which would have dried leaves still clung to plants.A'furr confirmation also comes from images taken by Sentinel satellite programme Copernicus of 'european space Agency, from which, in spectrum of visible light, we note same change of color. Here are highlighted serious damage to buildings, many of which are destroyed or damaged seriously. The series of images is part of monitoring in areas of emergency through program Copernicus dell'Esa and european Commission.


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