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Enrico Letta at Capital Radio: "On Regeni l'Italy does not face teasing from'Egypt"

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Enrico Letta at Capital Radio: "On Regeni l'Italy does not face teasing from'Egypt"

"And' s amazing that story Regeni is still unresolved and that it continues to be this ballet and unacceptable to authoritiesà egyptian. On this I do not think re may be realpolitik: we must react with firmness. The authoritiesà egyptian showed us around and l'Italia non può be teasing in front of a tragedy like this,". He said Enrico Letta, l'ex-premier of Pd beaten by Matteo Renzi, interviewed this morning by Massimo Giannini in 'Circus Maximus' on Radio Capital."Ius Soli, I understand decision of Pd in Senate". "In Italy è was made a'association mental wrong: all of se landings and law on Ius Soli, things that y're not toger. I have done many years of policy and I know that c' is a rule: if you are not c'è majority in Parliament, things don't pass, n I understand decision of Pd in Senate, but I think re must be questioned on political culture of country, Ius Soli c'è in all large european countries, and l'Italy is country with rules of più restrictive". "dà a terrible message in terms of political culture, from years ago that stoke fears, " he added, having Read - and not is fault only of populist". Case Regeni, Enrico Letta: Italy will not face teasing from Egypt" Share   "All'foreign fears of a political stalemate". "All' foreign c'è trust for perspective of ' Italian economy, but concern about a possible political stalemate", continues to Read, which is transferred to Paris. From outside border, he said, "l' image of a Country that is having some useful and important signal of recovery". "Eight months ago," he added, "l'Italia was considered to be a black hole for banking system, now is peak of situation seems to be resolved". "All, he insisted that l'former chairman of Board - look carefully because it'because it' l'next year sarà great european country that voterà and concern relates to potential impasse of political as compared to a destiny già written with worst election law that re can be, and to a system that are not likely to bring any majority".  And, he insists, Read: "The election law purposes  proportional è worst that we can be, a system that does not bring any majority possible"."Draghi has saved l'Europe and 'Italia" "I Think re is a european situation positive, Draghi has saved l'Europe and 'Italia, and history of darà recognition that it deserves," così l'ex-president of Council, "even if, while or european countries have started to experience a phase of optimism about future, in Italy this does not seem to emerge"."Chase followers, vice Italian" "The policy must not become followers of ir followers, with temptation to follow those who follow you; policy should say what he wants to do. I think this is a great vice of Italian politics, not only of M5s and League but also of Pd," adds Accessed. "it seems to Me a defect generalized, and re would be no need of political leaders who say what y want to do". And he quotes, for example, line held in Cernobbio from League and M5S, which have made it "speeches very moderate. The real problem, he adds, is that if policy continues to tell each audience what audience wants to hear to say, ending possibilityà for policy of doing important things"."The dem does not attract più". "The Pd fails più to aggregate, to be attractive, and attractive" and " centre-left is rassegnando to play a secondary game, not to win next elections," così Read. "well-Known contradiction: pd, l'ulivo and centre-left - he explained - have always wanted electoral laws that aimed to'aggregation because; y were political party of Italian più attractiveness, this was strength of centre-left. Today contradiction is that pd seems to choose a new electoral law in respect of which capacity of aggregation does not count, aware that his abilityà of aggregation is lower, and results were seen to administration. And now he is looking to return of Berlusconi. Behold, this is real news: legislature ends with return of Berlusconi"."for years I have card of pd". Read has stressed not to be subscribed to pd ("not è a news: I don't have card for years") to avoid any controversy with Matteo Renzi, in his book, had called him in "modeà sulk" after fall of his government. "in modeà smile," he assured l's ex-premier. 


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