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Singapore appoints its first president between criticisms of the process

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Singapore appoints its first president between criticisms of the process

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Halimah Yacob was elected without having received even a single vote because he was only candidate who exceeded stringent requirements set forth

The former parliamentary Halimah Yacob, 63-year-old, became on Wednesday first woman in history of Singapore to be appointed president of asian archipelago, a milestone that has been overshadowed by criticism of a process qualified as undemocratic after that it would be elected without having received even a single vote.

As it was made official on Monday, Yacob was only candidate among all those presented that exceeded strict requirements for elections of head of State, a few elections that were to be held at end of next week.

"What orwise would have been a landmark democratic is now marked with ugly stain of a choice incontestada. Such is cost of a Government that thinks in terms of power politics, in opposition to dignity", it summed up Rio Hoe, a Law student, in a column of web Consensus of SG.

The electoral process was criticized from its inception, when it was established that, in an attempt to encourage integration, presidential race was reserved for first time to candidates who belong to ethnic malay, traditionally poorest of three that make up this multicultural country ( chinese represent 74% of population, malays 13% and indians 9%). The last representative of this ethnic group to occupy position was Yusof Ishak (1965-1970), whose face now appears on ticket officers.

Subsequently, Election Committee established new requirements, among which was that any candidate from private sector should have been a senior executive of a company with at least $ 370 million of net assets. This caused or two possible candidates, employers Salleh Marican, and Farid Khan, did not exceed court under allegation that ir companies were not large enough. Although Yacob did not fulfill with this requirement, having held position of president of Parliament itself that qualified to continue process pursuant to one of or rules laid down with respect to public offices.

For all this, and despite fact that his popularity has already made it to be favorite for elections, mandate of Yacob has begun generating a great controversy. "They have chosen without election. What a joke," wrote citizen Joel Kong on Facebook. Like him, many ors criticized decision and commented on news with tag "NotMyPresident", same that is popular among many americans dissatisfied with arrival of Donald Trump to White House.

The buoyant Singapore is accustomed to hold elections whose results are easy to predict. In its 52-year history, people's Action Party (PAP) has won all calls parliamentary -today controls 83 of 89 seats - and its leader, Lee Hsien Loong, is prime minister, a position he also held his far and founder of country, Lee Kuan Yew, who passed away in 2015. In last few months, image of family has been tarnished after brors of prime minister will accuse of abusing ir power to circumvent last will of ir parent with respect to family residence.

Although office of president is more representative and ceremonial executive, it also includes powers such as authorize investigations into corruption or to participate in decisions about use of substantial financial reserves of this country of 5.6 million inhabitants.

After delivery of his act presidential held today, Yacob assured that it will be "president of all" and that "although re has been no election, my commitment to serve remains same", according to collected Reuters.

Born in 1954 in Singapore, Yacob is daughter of a muslim of indian origin and mor of malaya, and is currently married and has five children. His political career began in bosom of PAP, with which he entered Parliament in 2001. Ten years later, he won his first portfolio as minister of Sports, Youth and Community Development, and in 2013 it held presidency of Parliament. Last month, he resigned that position and was poor in his party to be able to participate in elections that he has won without having to go to polls.


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