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A Valencia homérica

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A Valencia homérica

Antonio Girbés twists and turns, its buildings and spaces known to extract m with an architecture intriguing

"My job is to freak out space; I want to intrigue people"

it Takes ten years trying to build a huge city made of buildings many. Emblematic buildings that he twists up enloquecerlos, to offer an extraordinary vision, spectacular, homérica. A vision that Antonio Girbés -Tabernes de Valldigna, 1952 - has not hesitated to call crazy. Hence title of exhibition that gallery Shiras welcomes you with almost a score of his amazing works: VLC / DC, this is, Valencia / Delirius City. A set of photos, very well kept which disclose a landscape architectural extremely intriguing.

"For me it was a challenge to do a job on Valencia, because it is not same to go to Mexico, to New York, Vienna or Venice, all of m wonderful, to do it in city that you live and have always lived," says Girbés, he surprised assembly that overwhelms viewer's gaze. Because what is visitor is, very precisely, city delirious that he speaks of artist: "Excessive, tremendous, unique". A delirium that comes to fill rotundity of dream traveller, some times friendly and or casualty.

"I appropriate from different parts of architecture of some buildings that I beg to turn m into something else." And so, acting as a hacker, steals as he seduces and changes function to be determined by architect. Yes, named in tribute to beautiful forms which he transgresses. So that, in case of Valencia, re are buildings of The fish market, church of St. Nicholas, room Ferreres of Centre del Carme, market of Russafa, building, Rialto, Faculty of Philosophy or Veles e Vents building. All of m as well-known as mysteriously transformed into fantastic architecture, surreal and even approaching landscapes of science fiction.

"Work-in-process following dictates of own cities that do not end ever." Girbés, let's take case of sala Ferreres, conducted more than 300 photographs of place, to use finally 50 neatly fused toger to offer different points of view in a space that seems to be vanishing, infinity. "Working digitally and, laboriously, I do composition, as would a painter". The result is a white space, very clean, almost ereal, however, empty of figures, intrigued by maze of corridors that lead nowhere. "For a long that it looks like a model, it is a real image. My job is to freak out space; I want to intrigue people".

The artist Antonio Girbés before one of his works. E. M.

And Girbés continues with his delusions traveller going to or images more contained, but equally saturated with columns and finials that are curled up to most extreme mannerism and disturbing expressionism. Are cases of lights falleras of street Swedish in Russafa, from coffered medieval palace of valencia or reminiscences architectural Pere Compte and Rafael Guastavino. "The pure gothic style", warns Girbés.

Remember with fondness what y call it in Italy: "The goldsmith of pixel". A work of jewelry that will dates back to its origins, now diluted by influx fatal of photography. An amour fou for images, where y reveal his character's delusional: "The idea of labyrinth I'm very interested in. Also never-ending staircase or uncertainty of place where you carry things." No facility available to m and, on or hand, many vanishing points or puns in which to get lost.

And Girbés stops in anor image delirante: field of football in Mestalla. "Is that more work has given me." Is only one with strange elements to building itself, because artist replaced grass of stadium by green of a chalkboard where a trainer from 60's drew with chalk your strategy. Also is lo Rat Penat and wings that surround it in middle of an orange expressive. "You can't be subtle, everything re screams".

As he screams whole of work of Antonio Girbés, all he submitted to vision excessive of one who proposes to construct a massive city-based architectures taken from mor. "They seem to be telling me: take me home and make me something else." That is what y are dedicated with passion to artist, whose direction towards pictorial has been taking or avenues of expression: "Without realizing it I have been attacking different artistic disciplines -still life, watercolor, sculpture, painting - and had not thought of that or of fine arts is cinema". A film, in any case, that doesn't block word End, because cities of Girbés, including this Valencia homérica, have no end.


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