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Abel Ferrara: "to See my old films is like watching ghosts"

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Abel Ferrara: "to See my old films is like watching ghosts"

The filmmaker is in Madrid presenting a retrospective of his movies

Spend a half hour in company of Abel Ferrara is like being in front of Keith Richards, Lou Reed and Martin Scorsese. All toger and scrambled. The filmmaker who redefined violence in film through ir stories of squalor and redemption, is not ogre inaccessible than would be expected given ir history of arguments with journalists all over world. on contrary, Ferrara is in Madrid presenting retrospective exhibition devoted to Spanish Film library during September and October seems at peace with himself and maybe, just maybe, with rest of world.

Ferrara speaks of his craft with an unusual passion after more than four decades devoted to him, body and soul. In film, his work has to do with "trying to control chaos. It is important to manage well energy. There is that roll fast. There is be prepared for moment, for when you're inspired. We are like jazz musicians. In filming it is very important for me to be able to feel that joy, that spiritual moment."

Ferrara, who lived in 70's and 80's from wild side of life and focused on 90's masterpieces (The king of New York, Lieutenant corrupt, The funeral), recently was proud of all those who had funded his films had been ruined. "With money issue, if you are lucky re are banks or, better said, bankers are sympatic. Then, not only can you make your movie, but one that is also do about 25. That is what it was in years 90 in New York." Of se bankers nice already no trace, and perhaps that is why it is costing so much to finish his latest project, Siberia (" protagonist is own Willem Dafoe, in a journey through his mind and his dreams, but everything happens in middle of nature"), which has been working for more than two years. It is ugly side of a profession that is still hooked, much more addictive than any of his past addiction.

In recent years, filmmaker has fled gentrification of her New York home to live in Rome and combines ir works of fiction based on real characters (Welcome to New York, Pasolini) with documentary Napoli, Napoli, Napoli or Piazza Vittorio, presented at last Venice film Festival. "What we do is to film people and places. What does it matter if one who passes in front of camera is a movie star, or any anonymous person?. In Piazza Vittorio, in fact, we were shooting in a bar and we got some amazing performances. So, out of nothing, from people on street who walked by re." When you mentioned your first film and what that feels when he returns to see in cycles such as one organized by Film library, his face contracts, it rubs up against eyes, like someone who has a dream and, after open, explains: "it is like seeing ghosts. Many friends are already dead."

tone of conversation becomes definitely bleak when reference is made to those that hold political power. "The wrong people is one who is at controls. It is necessary to remember past. There should be more movies about Holocaust, more movies about Spanish Civil War, about real violence of it all. Trump has sold 110.000 millions of dollars in weapons to Saudi arabia. That is danger! What against who y are going to use? Do you against him? What against us? It's crazy. What I do not understand about americans is that when y do surveys in different countries, country that fear gives to greater part of population of world is not North Korea, not China, is America".


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