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Albert Dupontel claims to have leased the Hotel Fortuny for filming, and not as a dwelling

A controversy has swelled on social networks and around this building, belonging to the region Ile-de-France, of which the director-actor was able to have for 1 200 euro per month.

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Albert Dupontel claims to have leased the Hotel Fortuny for filming, and not as a dwelling
In full promotional tour before its release on October 25 – his film goodbye up re, an adaptation of novel by Pierre Lemaitre (Prix Goncourt 2013), Albert Dupontel is accused to benefit from several years of a particular hotel belonging to regional council of Ile-de-France, to house, at a very low price, his production company ADCB films. The hotel Fortuny, 1 149 m2, classified as a historic monument, located in 17th arrondissement of Paris is rented 300 euros per week 1200 euros per month to this company. Unveiled on Friday, September 15, by Letter under title " Pécresse hunting Dupontel of his hotel doré ", information has made revel of social networks. The actor and producer of great character, slayer of show-biz and television, became in less than twenty-four hours a "privileged" and a "profiteer" of "largesse" of former president (PS) of region, Jean-Paul Huchon.

This controversy occurs within a few days of session of regional Council of Ile-de-France, expected on September 21 and 22, which shall examine decommissioning of two goods belonging to Region, including hotel Fortuny – for ir assignment. According to document, which will be discussed by advisors, this former high school professional aestic " has closed its doors on 1 September 2010 following a prefectural decree, building is no longer fit to receive pupils. Formerly property of State, region Ile-de-France became owner of right following signing of deed of transfer, signed on 2 November 2010 ".

" Conditions strictly professional "

Knowing that premises were vacant from this date, ADCB films (initials of Albert Dupontel and producer Carine Bozorgan) " has asked regional council to lease this building exclusively for preparation, filming, post-production and promotion of film 9-month firm, from August 2012 to November 2013 ", provides, in a press release published Friday, September 15, in evening, production company. It states that " no one has ever lived ", " terms of use is strictly professional ", and that amount of rent " has been determined by region." At end of contract, " premises have been returned ", she adds. Two years later, learning that place was still unoccupied, ADCB Films has reiterated its request for rental for production of a feature film. The region, which supports film goodbye up re, has accepted a second time to sign a lease for a period ranging from September 2015 to December 2017. Refuting to be knocked out, production company concludes its statement by explaining that " premises will be restored to this date in accordance with terms of convention ".

The report of regional council confirmed that a "convention" has been written "with assistance of film Commission of Ile-de-France" for rent building " in conditions defined by previous majority ". The lease expiring at end of year, region, now presided over by Valérie Pécresse (LR), wants to sell it in order to "promote optimal its real estate and hold this sale a recipe very useful in view of budget constraint on regional," says deliberation project. The mansion is estimated by France Domaine between 9.3 and 11.6 million euros.

" When we conducted an audit of heritage regional real estate we have discovered that this building was rented 300 euros per week. It is only one in this case. We consider that se are not sufficient conditions to enhance true value of this heritage, " says a close adviser of Valérie Pécresse. For his part, Jean-Michel Thornary, director of cabinet of Jean-Paul Huchon from 2004 to 2010 and director-general of region until election of Valérie Pécresse in December 2015, considered lease at a discounted price was an " arrangement ". "When we inherited this vocational school, it was in a very bad state," he says. We envisioned transforming it into a residence for foreign teachers, but it would have had to commit several million euros and we didn't ! Albert Dupontel, who had requested film commission of region, came to ask us to carry out some indoor scenes. We n proposed to leave him available. We have set a rent which is ridiculous, but some parts are usable ".

" in The interim, which lasted "

" I have nothing against fact that we are using a production company if, in exchange, it maintains a building, avoiding region to take care of its maintenance, " continues Jean-Michel Thornary. This is provisional line-up that lasted. We have not had need to sell family jewels to complete our budget. Ms. Pécresse would have been able to terminate that agreement earlier if it believed that it was scandalous. "

In February 2016, The Canard enchaîné revealed that production company Albert Dupontel available for rent is ridiculous in this building "It is caretaking until a sale decision is made," said n Jean-Michel Thornary. As soon as campaign of regional, Ms. Pécresse announced its intention to make savings by giving up or by grouping sites occupied or owned by Region.


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