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'Borges essential', a genius accessible to all

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'Borges essential', a genius accessible to all

The Royal Spanish Academy and Association of Academies of Spanish Language, y published a commemorative book in honor of 30th anniversary of death of argentine writer

"What is now a classic book?". With this question you have booted José Luis Gómez, academic, actor and atre director, presentation of work Borges essential. The volume holds within its pages stories of Fictions and The Aleph, as well as essays and poems by author of buenos aires. "Classic is not a book that necessarily possesses this or that merit, but a book that generations of men, urged by diverse reasons, read with previous fervor and a mysterious loyalty", has closed Gómez, citing to own Borges and making it a definition of your own words.

The Royal Spanish Academy, Association of Academies of Spanish Language (ASALE), and Penguin Random House, through Alfaguara, wanted to commemorate 30th anniversary of death of writer with this edition that, in addition to what was written by author, includes a range of analysis case on your figure to provide a way to glimpse vastness of considered by many as " great author contemporary classic of our language".

"The title is redundant, because Borges is, in itself, essence", has been recognized by director of Royal Academy, Dario Villanueva, in act of presentation that has taken place this Wednesday at Casa de América of Madrid and has launched a course literary of organization. "Borges is not a writer, it's a whole literature", has propped up Villanueva.

The anthology has been prepared by president of Argentine Academy of Letters, José Luis Moure. It has said, through a letter read by Villanueva, that selection "was painful because it forced exclusions".

Now, Borges essential part of commemorative editions driven by RAE and ASALE that ripped up in 2004 with don Quixote. For this collection have already passed, among ors, one Hundred years of solitude, Gabriel García Márquez, The city and dogs Mario Vargas Llosa; La colmena, Cela, and an anthology of Pablo Neruda. All of m were Nobel prize for literature. "Borges was not a Nobel but that is what award has lost by not implement it", he noted Villanueva.

"The Spanish is a common homeland and it is our job to build bridges," he added Pilar Reyes, editorial director of Alfaguara. Kings also wanted to highlight popular price of book (in Spain is sold at 13,90€) becomes understanding of Borges in something accessible to all and that makes Borges's essential to be a work that same is true for discovering it for first time that to venture even more in your figure.

The ceremony was also attended by writer Manuel Rivas and Santiago Miralles, director general of Casa de America. This last has highlighted that Borges shares with Unamuno frustration of having gone on to posterity as an author of fiction or a philosopher and not as a poet. But he noted that: "A Borges essential it is, if you allow me heresy, as a Bible-essential".


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