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'Dunkerque' does not find a rival in Toronto

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'Dunkerque' does not find a rival in Toronto

That TIFF was a bit disappointed means that call awards season with Oscar to head is call to disappoint. And, in fact, with all ir big premieres compliments, disappoints

A page eir of a Festival program Toronto is closest thing he has given printing press to book of sand to imagine that Borges. As one, each sheet is unfolded in many or analogous in a grid pressed for titles, directors, and schedules. And irrefutable sheet of center, in effect, does not have upside down. Only advertising. And so, dameado shaped puzzle endless that make up each page stood before anxious eye of well-proven so many film showings as productions has had year. The festival of festivals, program of hand of hand programs. And now question: How can it be that, faced with such a labyrinth of Babel, be able to get something as well as disappointment? That has occurred.

To date, Toronto's it was rmometer, in addition to consecration on red carpet, of all those titles called to mark year. At least, awards, minister that industry is in call of 'prestige' and, as posts, Oscars. From this came years earlier Gravity, Birdman, Spotlight, 12 years of slavery or Moonlight. Or not your presentation in canadian city, here achieved label of what re is to see. Well, and waiting for premiere of Paul Thomas Anderson or, why not, of proposal of Denis Villenueve in Blade runner, it is confirmed that, with all big premieres compliments, Dunkerque, Christopher Nolan, has no rival. From any point of view.

it is Worth a review of 10 of movies with more options and not seen before in Venice ( shape of The water, A life in a big way, Suburbicon, Foxtrot or Three ads on outside of Ebbing, Missouri already passed at Mostra in advance).

'I, Tonya'The ugly vice of biopics lives in this project starring and produced by Margot Robbie your time more festive, unbiased, and, without doubt, brilliant. Built like a fake documentary ( characters speak to camera as if it were an artifact of Ricky Gervais), idea of Craig Gillespie is none or than, tuned, please, and, as posts, put ourselves in ridiculous. How is it that a sport as artistic as figure skating could be scene of a brutal assault between competitors, rivals and never friends? Googleen name of Tonya Harding. The answer offers a crazy and feverish portrait of a sick society: sick of poverty, sick of vanity, ill up it rotten of itself. It is, as it can not be orwise, comedy, but it stings.'Molly's game The first film was written by Aaron Sorkin as director promised to be this: first film's screenwriter, faster and verborreico that has given cinema in a long time. And that's it. Nothing of surprises. The first two acts of story of woman who raised an empire by organizing a poker game underground run without breathing.

The words rise like a wall of sound electrical is simply overwhelming. But Sorkin wants to do more and it is re, in desire to spill everything, where this giant is two and a half hours in duration are crumbling. As a morality tale of overcoming, that is also, Sorkin is discovered in a rar sad, educational, clumsy and, worse, weeping.'Mudbound'Costs to bring contrary to this epic tale about slavery, consequences of war and forgiveness (all that is) signed by director Dee Rees. Everything is awesome, everything moves, everything destroys. It was applauded at Sundance and what has come to be here.

The film gets to move with precision limits of melodrama always muddy ( whole movie runs re, between mud). And it does so with personality and outburst due. Let's say in classics, sometimes serious, sometimes impostado, tape reaches its highest achievement. And his penance also. 'The death of Stalin'Armando Iannucci returns to labyrinth of human stupidity that also him to recreate in In loop. After death of dictator, his successors are entangled in a farce in which power, incompetence and lack of scruples make up a landscape so insane that I would say perfectly real. It is not that history happens twice, first as tragedy and n as farce, is that simply all it is (was and will be) patic. It is our nature. Without a doubt, comedy more black, brutal and ruthless of year.'I love you, daddy I'm Not clear if legion of fans of Louis C. K. you are in luck or orwise. In fact, movie has tone between disaster and clarity typical of author, but is also exhibited as a work consciously serious, clearly serious, cursimente black and white. And all of that, even though he, himself, laugh at himself without shame, is not good. Not even, desirable. Louis C. K playing Woody Allen we like least that Louis C. K. though he is no more. Bright Malkovich, by way, in role of... Malkovich. Few actors have given so much of mselves limited to be mselves.'Darkest hour'again, Churchill, man who said it all before. Joe Wright composed a pompous, atrical and exaggerated tribute to power of word to change people, things and to any or animal. The sound cinema premieres as well with first movie in which your protagonist does not speak. Just yell. Gary Oldman impresses of pure excessive and tape is discovered as a baroque reflection on representation of power and power of representation. It is as well. Pointing best actor Oscar. 'Battle of sexes'The sport of this edition of Toronto, in addition to queues for olympic, was tennis. First, Bjorg vs. McEnroe, Janus Metz, and n this. The film plays accidents that surrounded match that held in 1973, n champion Billie Jean King (women's) and former champion Bobby Riggs (a man). Directors Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris attempt a triple flip jump that's comedy, social drama and tragedy of existential. And... out. is going ball out of field in a aturullado exercise film confusing. All, that yes, higher brilliance of a Emma Stone non-site-specific and a Steve Carell out of register. A lot.'The current war, The duel now, after tennis before, it is between two famous electricians. Is more, greatest of m all: Thomas Edison (Benedict Cumberbatch) and George Westinghouse (Michael Shannon). Alfonso Gómez-Rejón strives to bring some sense to a fight-by-wire united States (of that is) so strange on-screen as simply inexplicable. In no time drama, or simple rivalry, acquires pulse tragic that, by fuss concerned, we assume that he had in his time. The film is limited to collect stamps, more-or-less poetic, more or less lit (literal, not metaphor), without hit to be anything more than a superficial and inane portrait of period.'First y killed my far by hand of Rithy Panh, senior author and producer of this tape, Angelina Jolie, director child, is an adventure for one of biggest disasters in recent history: Pol Pot regime in Cambodia. The life of activist could get Ngu under khmer rouge regime acquires in hands of producer and texture of obviously tragic. The tape is limited to follow with precision, routine and excessive containment a script is fundamentally erratic and without more nuance to horror. Orwise, nothing in tape to add a word to what has already been narrated by own Rithy Panh. 'Brad's status'The comedy generation are like fruit: or is eaten in season, or, product of greenhouse, you don't know anything. The metaphor is bad, but it is what it is. Mike White directs Ben Stiller in what is ir crisis of 50. Looks around and sees only his own and most intimate mediocrity. The same of all, despite what you may believe in a principle. Sounds like same as always, and no. Without boasting, yes, director manages to compose a comedy delicate, intelligent, and shaken on inside by your own stupor. Rots soon, but taste that it has.


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