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At the Stade de France, the Insus are extending their reunion with the rock, thirty-year-old Phone

The quartet reconstituted to three-quarters two years ago gathered Friday near a million spectators and releases a triple live album.

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At the Stade de France, the Insus are extending their reunion with the rock, thirty-year-old Phone
The event was supposed to première ir grand return, it will ultimately be quasi-conclusion. Seven years after having dangled a reformation burst (and n broken) Phone to a concert at Stade de France, projected in 2012, Jean-Louis Aubert, Louis Bertignac, Richard Kolinka, but without ir bassist original Corine Marienneau, replaced by Aleks Angelov, gave finally, on September 15, first of ir two concerts in chamber dionysian, under name of Insus.

Almost two years to day, after a surprise concert, September 11, 2015, in front of 300 people in small club paris, Point Ephémère, which hinted at comeback, thirty years after its separation, group's most popular in history of rock French, more than 80 dates on parade – in front of almost a million spectators – in largest halls and biggest festivals of France, before last two (r)planned calls on October 6 and 7 at Stadium, at Saint-Denis of Meeting.

Charm nostalgic

a Few gallops warm-up – as at Splendid, Lille, September 15, 2015, in front of 700 people – had quickly demonstrated great pleasure to play again toger taken by trio (private by name of Phone because of a fâcherie with Marienneau) and convening power of ir songs to fans dropping in teens. An energy, a nostalgic charm that might not be enough at time to invest in larger arenas...

Saint-Denis, a screen background of scene has taken measure of vast plateau of Stade de France. After last chords of Gimme Shelter by Rolling Stones (eternal idols) that are distributed by pa, a film seems to make us enter in a warehouse. On a metal plate, a nozzle heat draws red question mark became logo of group. A way that is probably to simulate a guessing game to suggest who is behind name a little corny " Insus ". That ? Phone, of course, that scene, illuminated by a flame-thrower, at same time that very-hard-rock-snakes summary slide on screen to start Spewing your venom.

Chuck Berry and Rolling Stones

The piece, as tracks that follow – Hygiaphone, In your bed, Is various – do a little doubt as to ability of group to adapt to huge scale of place. The friendliness, nostalgic of directory to a lack of first major. And classicism of his influences (Chuck Berry, Rolling Stones), already not a forthright modernity at end of 1970s, when appeared punk and new wave, sounds as nicely, outdated.

The talk will muscle fortunately with Money too expensive, anm always current on evils of materialism, and finance. Immersed in a bath of youth power, body affutés, and youthful joy of Aubert, Bertignac, and always twirling Kolinka do not betray ir 62, 63 and 64 years respectively.

The news caught up with " The bomb human ", which turns into a disturbing evocation of suicide bombings

The news has also caught The bomb human. This ballad, torn apart which told pain of living from one generation turns into a haunting evocation of suicide bombings. Aubert is aware of this, which introduces piece by talking of "children at Bataclan" and " all assassins who invent a philosophy ", before singing in a choir with 80 000 people.

After a 66-hour old-school, which he dedicated to proper restoration of Johnny Hallyday, Louis Bertignac launches in Cinderella, under a cloud of glitter thrown into parisian sky. When ir heroes (Stones, Lou Reed) talked about drug addiction in hymns to hedonism, dark, Phone could deal with subject through melody, tender a " nice little story ". In same way, urban tension and disorders, existential passed skillfully through prism of a lexicon high-school student in Flipper or frantic Underground is too much, riffs are spectacularly staged at Stade de France.

" Animation light "

Before concert, an announcement on big screen and proposed to spectators to " participate in a luminous animation during concert with [ir] phone." In choosing his name, 40 years ago, quartet surely did not, that this object would become nerve center of daily life of everyone, and can even be used (via an application) to ensure a lightshow. Supposed to be triggered at time of lullaby, The day has dawned, application in question stained blue smartphones for a result that is less impressive than expected.

Most of new technologies, Insus rely ultimately on efficiency of its ample Hard limit and bliss of communicative New York with you, before a fast track version of anor world to resonances newly green. A first reminder was attempting to give a groove "princely" to Electric city, n include Whole Lotta Love of Led Zeppelin at heart of It (it's really you) like a duel instrumental between two guitarists, happy like kids.

in a Stadium In France which is fully lit for musicians to get most out of crowd, Insus in end with farewell bluesy to me that You will miss, without knowing if ex-Phone raccrocheront really after that. This tour will remain in any case testimony of a triple album in concert, L?ve, registered with AccorHotels Arena and in small room in paris in Trabendo, and a thick book of photos, without knowledge of The Insus of Barbara D'alessandri (Sonatine Editions, to be published in November), carried out in behind scenes of reunion.

Insus, L?fri, 3 CD Parlophone/Warner

Concert : 16 September, at Stade de France, Saint-Denis ; 6 and 7 October, at Stadium, at Saint-Denis of The Meeting.


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